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traveler's notebook blue preorder
TRAVELER’S notebook Blue was introduced as a limited edition in 2015 and the it was well-received as a refreshing, new tone of TRAVELER’S notebook. Even after the conclusion of sale, there were many requests for re-launch of blue during TRAVELER’S COMPANY events and at TRAVELER’S FACTORY. In addition, the blue edition is sold at a very high price via internet auction, and even imitated in counterfeit goods, so TRAVELER’S COMPANY decided to add the Blue edition to the standard line-up.

Like TRAVELER’S notebook Blue Edition, it is based on the image of a blue sky just before dawn. The colour and texture of the leather has been readjusted. In addition to the Regular Size, TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size is also available. Pen Holder Blue can be coupled with the notebook. Repair Kit comes with rubber bands in eight different colours, including the new blue and mustard colours, which are now also contained in TRAVELER’S notebook Blue as spares.