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Kaweco Mini Converter for Sport Fountain Pen

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The Kaweco MINI converter brings many benefits. Instead of using ink cartridges, you can suck ink from a bottle with this converter. Thus you will save money and do something for the environment by the way. The converter fits perfectly for Kaweco Sport series.

Already 5000 years ago the Egyptians have written on papyrus reeds with rushes. The Chinese also have written in 2600 BC with some kind of laquer and a bamboo pole. In the Roman Empire the Iron gall ink was invented but had the disadvantage when the paper decomposed with the age. The so-called "ink corrosion" originated. This type of ink have long been in use. When the first metal nibs were invented in 1750 the recipe needed to be changed because the steel springs rusted immediately with that ink. To date, the ink has been greatly developed and scientifically perfected so it has a perfect flow behaviour.