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Tomoe River

Tomoe River paper is produced by Japanese manufacturer Tomoegawa. Tomoe River paper is renowned for its exquisite quality, as it is very smooth, and lightweight yet highly resistant to bleedthrough and feathering. Fountain pen inks, as well as many other inks, write beautifully on this paper.
This notebook presents Tomoe River paper in an appropriately refined style, with a textured black cover encased in a protective clear cover. The Tomoe River logo is embossed on the cover in unobtrusive black. The notebook is sturdily built and perfect for ...
The notebook is sturdily built and perfect for journaling, with a comfortable lay-flat thread binding and 96 pages of white Tomoe River paper. The pages are printed with a 5 mm dot grid to give you just enough guidance for writing and drawing without being...
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