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Kaweco Collection Dark Olive Unboxing

Early this year, Kaweco released the Kaweco Light Lavender to much fanfare and hype. They then released the Vibrant Violet which was a beautiful metallic addition to the Kaweco Collection. This time, hopping onto the trend of olive colours, Kaweco brings us the Dark Olive


The pen comes in a matching coloured standard Kaweco box. The Kaweco Dark Olive is made from a sturdy ABS plastic.

Part of the Kaweco Sports series, the Kaweco Dark Olive is a limited edition colour that features a beautiful shade of olive. According to Kaweco, this natural colour is supposed to have a soothing yet simulating effect that makes you feel relaxed while being your most creative self.

As with the other Sports series, the pen opens easily with a twist and is extremely light, making it easy to carry around in your pocket.

The Kaweco Dark Olive is available in nib sizes extra fine, fine, medium and broad.

Opening the cap reveals a nice gold nib made from stainless steel. As usual, it includes a standard international sized cartridge in blue ink as well. If you already have another ink in mind for the Dark Olive, you may change it out for a Kaweco Mini Converter.

Watch: How to install Kaweco mini converter in Kaweco Sport Pens

We had a few colours in mind for this pen and we managed to shortlist 3: Monteverde’s Olivine and Vinta Inks’ Sea Kelp and Emerald. 


In terms of similarity, we feel the Olivine looks the closest to the Dark Olive however, the Vinta Inks are a great alternative too. Are there any inks you have in mind for this pen?

There is no reason to dislike the Kaweco Dark Olive. It’s a lovely shade of olive green that matches especially well with the gold elements on the pen. If you’re a Kaweco Collection collector or just a fountain pen fan in general, you won’t want to miss this particular colour.

Would you be adding this to your collection? Let us know! For a full review of the Dark Olive, check out our review below!


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