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15 Spreads from #INKtober (so far) to dazzle you

What is #inktober? For those of you who have never heard of it, Inktober happens in the month of October where @jakeparker came up with an official set of prompts years ago in 2016. It encourages people to do art and share it with someone!

Here are the official prompts for inktober 2019.

Although it’s 15 October, which means we are midway through the month, you can always join the inktober challenge STILL! The goal is to do art and share it, even if it’s one day in the whole month.

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Here’s FIFTEEN crazy inspirational art pieces from artists all over the world participating in inktober

Day 1: Ring

Day 2: Mindless

Day 3: Bait

Day 4: Freeze

Day 5: Build

Day 6: Husky

Day 7: Enchanted

Day 8: Frail

Day 9: Swing

Day 10: Pattern

Day 11: Snow

Apparently inktober isn’t restricted to paper!

Day 12: Dragon

Day 13: Ash

(this post was a combined day 12 and 13 post)

Day 14: Overgrown

Day 15: Legend

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