Donate Your Washi - Washi Tape Donation Drive

donate your washi tape


Spring cleaning always leaves us with items that, although still in good condition, might simply be taking up too much space. Passing them on to someone who needs them is a great way to give your belongings a new purpose whilst decluttering your own home.

Although we all love our washi tapes, don't we all wish we are putting them to better use? If you are:

  1. not using your tapes quickly enough
  2. simply have too many of them
  3. getting bored with some designs (a.k.a not sparking joy)
  4. having duplicates (it happens?!) 
  5. just plainly hoarding too many tapes (oops!)

You may visit our Cityluxe WorkRoom to donate your washi tapes, and these tapes will be donated to Non-Profit Organisations or Social Enterprises such as ArtSE for art therapy sessions, free workshops, etc.

Art therapy helps children, adolescents, and adults explore their emotions, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and cope with a physical illness or disability. No artistic talent is necessary for art therapy to succeed, because the therapeutic process is not about the artistic value of the work, but rather about finding associations between the creative choices made and a client's inner life. The artwork can be used as a springboard for reawakening memories and telling stories that may reveal messages and beliefs from the unconscious mind.

About ArtSE

ARTse is a social enterprise by Goshen Art Gallery that curates unique art experiences and workshops for kids and adults, including people with disabilities and special needs. We are a registered social enterprise with RaiSE and our founders are trained in art as a therapy for elderly and special needs.

Being recognised in a media as a Company of Good, we love to impart positive values and life lessons through art; to empower our learners with a new handy-skill and to sharpen their giftings and abilities through art and craft regardless of their age and background.

What to bring or not to bring

  • As these washi tapes will be used by another person, please bring us washi tapes that are of reasonably good quality.
  • Partially used or brand new washi tapes are welcome.
  • You are not bound by brand or design, do feel free to bring them all! 
  • No box masking tapes or PVC tapes
  • No stickers

Do you part! Help us and yourself bring a smile to others who have yet to discover the joys of using washi tapes as an art and craft medium. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!