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中文字体 私人订制 刻字礼品笔

Cityluxe能提供带有中文或汉字字符的钢笔雕刻。我们的工匠使用最先进的雕刻机,能够在钢笔上雕刻简体和繁体字符。 只需将钢笔雕刻的具体中文文本发送给我们,我们将引导您完成整个过程。


Chinese character pen engraving

At Cityluxe, we are able to provide pen graving with Chinese or Kanji characters. Our craftsman use the most advanced engraving machines, which have the ability to engrave pens in complex multilingual characters.

Just send us the specific Chinese text for pen engraving and we will walk you through the entire process.

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