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Here is a set of the most frequently asked questions about the pen engraving and ordering process. If you have any other queries or just are not sure how to proceed, feel free to:

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You can also visit our Cityluxe WorkRoom to share your requirements. We would be happy to help walk you through the process step-by-step.

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What is the lead time?
  • Engraving lead time is 3 working days subject to pen availability.
  • Express engraving for next day collection is possible subject to pen availability.

What is the minimum order quantity required?
All of our products have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1 piece for standard text or personal name engraving.

What font do you use for pen engraving?
We use Arial and Baby Script, in both upper and lowercase

Can I order multiple pens, each with a different name?
Yes, just contact us via email with your selected pen style and list of names.

Can my company logo be engraved?
Yes, send us your logo in high-res or vector format.

Types of Engraving Services

  • Computerized Machine Engraving for individual names
  • Computerised Laser Engraving for corporate logos and emblems
  • Manual Machine assisted Engraving for individual names

About Laser Engraving
Laser technology allows logo engraving in more precise and finer details (compared to conventional techniques), thus allowing greater creative control, especially on metal surfaces. The laser cuts and removes a thin layer of the surface, showing the base material colour underneath.

Full Colour 4C UV printing
Full colour 4C printing of logo is now possible with new Ultra-violet (UV) light machine printing, giving new possibilities in corporate gifting. Available for bulk corporate orders only.

Pen Materials Suitable for Engraving

    • ABS Plastic
    • Resin
    • Wood
    • Lacquer painted metal pen
    • Metal (Stainless Steel, Silver, Brass, Bronze and Aluminium)

Gift Wrapping Services
As a premium gift store, we have in-house gift-wrapping services to complete the one-stop shop experience to all our customers. Italian wrapping papers with a variety of themes and colour choices, plus our Cityluxe shopping bags or brand specific bags, are available. Corporate clients can also select gift wrapping services, if required.

Lacquer Engraving

Metal Engraving

Plastic Engraving

Resin Engraving

How to Order a Logo Engraved Pen:

  1. Find the pen style of your preference at our online store.
  2. Write an email to us with your preferred pen style and your full contact details.
  3. Please attach a vector file of your logo, such as an EPS or AI file in your email. If you do not have a vector file of your logo, please upload a high-resolution JPG and our art department will re-trace it for you.
  4. Engraving colour is by default the same colour as the product images. Some logo styles are also eligible for deep cut colour filled engraving.
  5. Prior to engraving, a final proof will be provided for your approval. Production will only begin when you confirm the artwork.
  6. Please call us if you have any questions for free consultation.

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Other Information on Logo Engraving:

  • Minimum order on corporate logo engraving is 10 pieces.
  • Artwork proofs are free for corporate orders.

Corporate Logo Laser Engraving

Text Laser Engraving

Engraving Effects of Different Pen Types

 Pen Material Lifestyle Shot Description
Lacquer The foundation of this material consists of either brass material, Stainless Steel or aluminum, which is determined by the pen's base color. The metal base is then coated with lacquer. After engraving the surface, the base color beneath the lacquer is exposed, creating a distinctive effect.
Metal The core of this can be either brass material, Stainless Steel or aluminum, depending on the pen's underlying color. The surface of the material is covered in a matte black coating. When the surface is engraved, the true base color is unveiled.
Plastic Plastic engraving refers to the process of creating engraved designs or patterns on plastic surfaces. Unlike other materials like metal or wood, plastic engraving involves removing layers of plastic material to reveal the desired design.
Resin The process of resin engraving typically starts with preparing the resin surface. This may involve sanding or polishing the resin to ensure a smooth and even surface for engraving. Once the surface is prepared, the engraving can be done using different methods and tools.


Elegant Personalisation with Monotype Corsiva and Baby Script Fonts

Make your mark uniquely yours! At Cityluxe.sg, our engraving service features the exquisite Baby Script and Monotype Corsiva font tyles, adding a touch of elegance to your personalized items.

We utilize Babyscript for engraving plastic pens such as Kaweco Classic and Skyline Sports series, as well as TWSBI. For metal pens, we employ Monotype Corsiva font with our M1 Pro Laser engraving machine.