Corporate Gift

Looking for corporate gift ideas?

Looking for corporate gift ideas?

Custom corporate gifts are one of the most effective ways to promote your brand, company, or event. However, many company Administrators, Human Resource or Sales and Marketing teams often run out of corporate gift ideas.

Management is always asking for new corporate gift ideas. Regardless whether you are choosing products to offer existing clients or business partners a token of appreciation, or to reward your employees after a year of hard work, selecting meaningful gifts can tough.

What is corporate gifting?

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is the practice of communicating our feelings or appreciation towards employees, clients, or prospects through the use of a personalised gift. This can be a physical item such as a useful and functional pen or notebook, or via a non-physical gift such as an eGift card.

Personalised corporate gifts are a fabulous way to reach new prospects, and also build rapport with existing customers. If you are looking for ideas for promotional giveaways for an upcoming event, or advertising premiums for your marketing campaign, Cityluxe should be your top choice as the best premium stationery corporate gifts supplier in Singapore.

Cityluxe makes it easy for you to choose custom corporate gifts for any company event. We are here to solve gifting challenges for businesses with execution speed, product quality and exceptional customer support.

Let us help you solve all your gifting needs in one place. You can improve your marketing and gifting program easily with us.

Every Team needs Corporate Gifts


Human Resource

Recognise your employees

Customer Success

Customer Success

Celebrate new customer milestones



Fast track your sales cycles



Accelerate lead generation

Human Resource

1) For Human Resource (HR) or Office Managers and Personal Assistants

You may be the HR manager in a large corporation, or the office manager or administrator in a Small Business Enterprise (SME) or even the new intern. Now, you need to source unique gifts, customize, add personalised notes and manage end-to-end gifting – and you can do that with a one stop shop: Cityluxe. Need corporate gift ideas? No problem; any recipient, any occasion.

Recognize your employees
Motivate your talent and show appreciation with the personalised gift for every occasion and team event. Include our professional gift wrapping services and an occasion card that can be a printed message or even handwritten notes!

Welcome your new employees with a welcome package or onboarding kit with individual name customization. Swag gifts are simple with us.

Give employees something functional yet special! Celebrate milestones and reward team performance. Build your own peer recognition gifts with your own company logo and add individual names to add that special touch.

Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries
Hundreds, or even thousands of employees? Never forget a birthday or work anniversary, ever again. Celebrate important holidays. Let us help you with managing your database of employees.

Special occasions
Wedding? Newborn? Retirement? Whatever the occasion, find the best gifts on our online store. With E-gift vouchers, your valued talent always get what they like and will enjoy.

Work from Home (#WFM) care packages
In the post-Covid new hybrid work environment, WFM care packs are here to stay. With our focus on mindfulness workshops (bullet journaling, anyone?) and related products, your employees can stay productive and maintain work-life sanity with your organisation’s gifts.

Virtual parties and events
Virtual happy hours? Virtual department parties? Send #WFH employees gifts and gear to celebrate while working from home. Gifts ship directly from us to your staff fast and by the delivery date you choose. Include the virtual workshop on bullet journaling too!

Next Level lead generation through corporate gifting
Chief marketing officers (CMOs), marketing heads are demanding highest ROI from their marketing strategies. Source for your gifts, add your custom branding or packaging and personalise gift cards with gift wrapping, right here all with Cityluxe. Stick to authentic brands and 100% original items that you are proud to give away with your company logo, not knock-offs from dubious factories. Use our customisation services to increase brand awareness, and improve total customer lifetime value, and beat revenue targets.

Reach everyone with eGift Cards
Let your recipients to choose what they like best our online store and add personalised gift messages. Gift cards are delivered by email, and detailed instructions are given for checkout redemption. Gifts ship direct from Cityluxe to your recipients for fastest delivery time and lowest shipping cost, and probably free.

Add Experiential to Virtual
Now you can include an experiential feel to all your virtual events, meetings, webinars, parties or product launches. Incentivise attendance or give out post-show gifts to stay top-of-mind.

“Live” Personalisation at On-site events
We also provide a unique personalisation service for on-site events. Roadshows, trade shows, company celebrations, VIP events or product launches, we can be there to personalise the gift on site, just to add that special touch. Nothing beats the excitement of having us right there to let your recipients see how the personalisation comes alive before their eyes!

Business Development
Following up on Inbound Marketing or prospecting through Outbound Marketing, when done correctly, breaks through sales plateaus of established companies or accelerate sales growth that start-ups need when scaling. Support your business development teams with gift campaigns at scale. Even if you do not have your prospects’ address, we can enable recipients to ship to their preferred address, whether office or home through our e-Gifting program.


3) Sales Managers

Tune up your customer relationships
Driving demand generation and pipeline growth is vital to accelerating sales expansion. Incorporating personalised sending as part of your sales strategy will help to open doors, break the ice and accelerate your sales cycle from show to close. Stay laser-focused on what your core competency – building rapport and closing deals.

Fast track your sales
For field sales, more meetings booked, more meetings kept. Cosy up those cold calls, break into tough accounts, say “thank you” in a memorable way. Do not let video sales calls or reduced travel be an obstacle. Incentivising meetings through corporate gifting helps you break the ice and stand out from other competitors, increasing volume and quality of meetings, shortening that sales cycle to close that deal.

Make it personal
By personalising your corporate gifts, appreciation and stay “top-of-mind” with all your customers and new prospects.

Add personalized gift messages, and even include promotional or personal videos with your digital Gift Cards

Save time
Forget scrolling through countless pages of Shopee, Lazada, Amazon or Taobao for cheap and forgettable gifts. Save time by sourcing quickly from our online store. A one stop platform in which all you need to do is to shop through filtering by price, brand or type. Then, personalise with your custom branding, use our wrapping service and personalized gift notes, and ship them out, delivered straight to the door, everything done in one place.

Need to rush a gift? Whether to celebrate a win or to save a deal, all you need to do is zoom in on our personalised gifts that ship quickly. It will arrive on time (same day delivery available) for your sales closing date, virtual meeting, or special occasion.









ABM Engaging throughout Customer Sales Process

Account-based marketing (AMB) allows you to focus on high-value targets, and remove less-valuable prospects from the start. It is a highly-targeted strategy, so your sales team can move straight into engaging your key accounts and delighting them. By personalizing gifts at the buyer’s specific sales cycle like deal size or funnel stage, and tailoring all your gifts to their needs, you will discover greater ROI and customer satisfaction.

Partner Marketing
Co-branding, celebrating new partnerships, significant milestones or new product launches. Create unique gifts for incentivizing your partners to generate more wins!

Special Appreciation
Say "Thank You" to VIP customers, guest speakers, or influencers. Show appreciation for any other occasion you wish to celebrate!

Gifting Professional Services


  1. Corporate gifting strategy
  2. Design & Customisation
  3. Warehousing & fulfilment
  4. Operational support

Cityluxe gift-giving gurus will work with you to create a unique gifting experience based on your company needs and your industry characteristics.

Our vision is to inspire and delight, and that’s what we aim to do for each and every custom gift presented to your recipient.

1) Corporate Gifting Strategy

Giving a gift is all about emotional connection. You want the recipient to feel special. So whether you creating a corporate gift program or just finding a company event gift, you want it to be unique and meaningful. That's where Cityluxe comes in.

Drop us an email, WhatsApp message or give us a call to let us know more about:

- your company goals and values,
- what is the occasion,
- who is the recipient,
- what are you aiming to achieve,

and we can recommend the perfect gift to fit your budget.

Our delivery team are consists of experts who have decades of experience and our creative team is knowledgeable about the latest trends in gifting so you will always get innovative and fresh ideas.

We Know It Is Not Easy, But We Will Never Stop to Try

We want to provide an easy way for all companies to find the right gift, every time.

Corporate Gifting Strategy

Design & Customisation

We want to provide an easy way for all companies to find and create the right gift, every time.

1) Design & Customisation

Branding your gift is critical in making sure your message comes across accurately and meaningfully. Utilize our free design services by just sending us your corporate branding guidelines or have your in-house design team or advertising agency send us the approved artworks and we will send you a digital mock-up for your final approval before production begins.

Make your brand stand out
We will help you to design your own gifts according to your company branding guidelines including logo, colours, and fonts. These customisations can be applied to the product itself, packaging, ribbons, thank you notes, greeting cards and more.

Complete it once, and you can reuse it anytime you like in future.

Make your giftee stand out
Make the recipient of your gift feel special with personalized messages and tailored gifts. Enhance the recipient’s overall experience and increase their happiness by going the extra mile to make your gift unique. Personalize those gifts by adding individual names or colours.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

1) Warehousing & Fulfilment
Managing your own branded items inventory is such a hassle? Pass on that gruelling work to us! We can manage it for you to support any on-demand gifting program.

Don’t have enough space in your office to keep the inventory, or don’t have any account with FedEx, DHL or any couriers to send out those gifts in extra quick time? Don’t want to have any headaches with potential customs delays or tax issues due to ever changing import rules and regulations in each country?

With our Singapore warehouse and our deep experience in Asia, coupled with global express fulfilment capabilities we can handle the logistics for you anywhere in the world, at the best prices possible. Gifts ship directly from us so you never have to receive, store, handle or ship from your own office.

Operational Support

Operational Support

1) Operational Support

Large corporate orders? Multiple locations? Let us streamline and manage it for you.

With our E-gift capability and multiple address delivery options, using our gifting solution enables you to send gifts to a large group of people easily and quickly. We can deliver to single home addresses for WFM (Work-From-Home) care packs or different country offices with department gifts.

You can simply send us your contact list, in any format of your choosing (Excel XLS, Word Document, CSV, ANY other format), and our Customer Service team will handle the rest. That’s it!

We will review your contact list, and inform you of any other pertinent information required by import customs for the receiver, then send you a link with all the courier tracking information as soon as it is shipped, all the way to confirmed delivery.