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Bullet Journal Day 2021 Special | Journaler Feature: Shirley

Journaling is more than just writing on paper- it’s an expression of your dreams, an extension of your thoughts and a way for you to document your most precious of memories. While boosting your creativity and purpose, it also allows you to relax, providing an aid to those who suffer from stress and anxiety. 

To celebrate Bullet Journal Day, we’ll be posting a few short stories about how journaling has impacted these journals and we’ll be starting with one of our instructors, Shirley (@enchantedbyscraps)! 

You could say journaling is like second nature to Shirley – she’s done it pretty much her whole life. And why?

“Journaling enables me to relieve stress by way of penning down my thoughts and frustrations. Using pretty materials in my journal makes me happy too!”

Describing journaling as a way to leave behind words and memories in a tangible form, it’s no surprise then that Shirley dabbles in all forms of journaling: Daily, travel, food and hobbies.

As someone who journals so much, it’s hard to pick just a few materials to toy with but Shirley does have her favourites. 

“I like paints, crayons, markers, brush pens, stickers and washi tape.”

To those who want to start journaling but aren’t too sure where to start, Shirley recommends getting a good set of paints, writing materials and most importantly, a journal that suits you. 

“Buy pretty washi tape and stickers to get a happy start too!”


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