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Christmas Gift Wrapping Part 2: Wrapping Presents with mt Wrap

Before reading this tutorial, be sure to check out Part 1 of the Christmas Gift Wrapping tutorial, which teaches you how to make the gift tags which will be featured and used in this tutorial.

Things to prepare:

  1. mt Wrap – you can get it here.
  2. Twine/string
  3. The gift to be wrapped!
  4. The gift tag and ribbon + a pen to write on it
  5. Some extra mt tape to tape the sides (get Christmas themed tapes!)

Step One

Tear open the mt wrap plastic and pull the mt wrap open, be sure to pull both ends of the sheet out before pulling it away from the main core roll.

Roll it out

Step Two

Roll out the sheet and place your gift on the sheet. mt Wrap has two edges that are sticky – make sure you place your gift in between the two sticky edges.

Step Three

Adjust the wrap length to see how much wrap you need to cover the gift.

Step Four

Stick both ‘sticky ends’ together AT THE TOP part of the wrap.

Tip: If you stuck it wrongly, you can remove it and try again. Don’t worry about it tearing, just do it gently and try not to get it wrong too many times!

Feel free to stick the ends together at the top FIRST.

So then pull out the gifts first, then continue to make sure the line is correct before sliding back the gift into the ‘package’.

Stick it together slowly and accurately

Complete both sides

Slide the gift back in. Here’s how the gift looks, when the wrap is completely stuck on both sides.

Step Five

Fold down the top flap and stick tape on it to stick it to the body of the package as there is no sticky edge there.

Here we also used washi tape on either side to hold down the loose flaps.

see the washi tape?

Step Six

Wrap twine around the package on both sides. Here’s a video on how to do it.

Watch it here

Here’s the breakdown:

First; lay the string flat down horizontally. Don’t cut it from the spool

Then flip the package facedown.

Pull the strings together to form a crossed shape knot. (0:15)

From the horizontal position (left and right), bring your LEFT hand UP and your RIGHT hand DOWN – so the string will end up looking like a ‘t’. (0:18-0:23)

With both hands on the top and bottom of the package, grab the package AND the string and flip it back face-up. (0:25)

Repeat the knot on the front. (0:29)

Step Seven

Insert the gift tag onto the string (video- 0:35-54)

Tie a knot on the top of the gift tag to ensure it stays on tightly.


If the gift tag is too long or large, feel free to cut it to size!

Write a message at the end 🙂


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