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December Overview Part 1- Gift Lists and Travel Items to Pack

Gift Lists for Christmas and the Holidays

Make Your Gift Lists NOW!

Procrastination is the thief of time so if you want to save time, start making a list of things to buy – there are gifts for family and for friends, as well as for yourself!

Write your gift lists down on memo pads that look pretty so you’ll actually be reminded – stick them all over your house and in prominent places.

Furthermore, because it’s December, you can even theme your sticky notes for the Winter Season!

Appree Sticky Leaf Tracing Snow Flower Gray M

Appree Sticky Leaf Tracing Snow Flower Blue M


Gift Lists are important because you don’t want to forget the important people who have made your year great!

Suatelier Daily Plan 15 Sticky Memo

Take a while to appreciate them – besides your family and close friends don’t forget your coworkers and other people who’ve come into your life. Gifts can be high priced but they can also be small like even a little notebook or a small pencil case or pouch.

Suggestions for gifts on the higher price range include:


Kaweco KING Fountain Pen Limited Edition K Nib

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Just a protip before we talk about the next thing, Gift Lists are when you’re buying for other people. Don’t forget that sometimes it’s good to make your own wishlists too! Let someone be your Santa once in a while 🙂 Wishlists make it very easy for people to help you buy gifts especially if you’re a very picky person about the kind of things you want.

Journaling While on the Go

Going on holiday this December? For many, it’s the travel season. Make sure you’ve got all the basics covered.

Your trusty Traveler’s Notebook, a notebook organizer, a travel pouch to keep it all together and a few reliable pens.

Get the Travelers’ Notebook with the polaroid inserts and the latest set of 2020 Travel Tools!

Other good notebooks that are portable and easy to store are the Midori A6 notebooks and the Leuchtturm1917 A6 notebook which are pocket-sized and travel-friendly notebooks!

Remember that when travelling, you’d want a storage space for your random loose receipts, pens, notebooks, passports and other important travel documents. Consider the Shibui A6 leather case – it comes in different sizes and you can use it to store all the necessary.

Shibui A6 Hobo Leather Cover Olive Green

It’s wonderful to be able to use your TWSBI fountain pens wherever you are, but now that you are travelling, bring along a roller ball pen – the Kaweco Sport Rollerball Pen works just fine. The Kaweco Classic Sport Gel Roller Pen Black is the best pen for rugged use, it can be accidentally dropped and lightly hit without breaking so it would be perfect for those conditions. If you cannot live without your trusty fountain pens, the whole Classic Sport Fountain Pen range is good to use too!

See picture: (from left to right)

Kaweco Al Sport Special Edition Gel Roller Pen

Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen Mint Fine

Kaweco PERKEO Fountain Pen All Black Medium Clamshell Set

If you think you’re going to need screwdrivers and rulers for measurement, don’t forget the Monteverde 9 Function Tool Pen! It will definitely have you covered.

If you’re looking for a nifty little pouch to tuck away your keys and phone while on the go, the D.Lab Pouch Elegant Fox (without tassel) works just fine. It fits most mobile phones and it’s actually very aesthetic also (think grid everything!!).


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