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Design Christmas Themed Envelopes with mt tape

It is never too early to plan for the Christmas holidays, is it? Think about how much time you save when you start planning a month and a half early for Christmas. That means planning what gifts to buy earlier, where to fly to this year (because flight prices will be cheaper if you book them earlier), etc.

It all comes into plan very nicely when you start to plan EARLY. And what better to help you than the new Christmas collection tapes from mt?

In this blogpost, you will learn how to decorate envelopes for Christmas cards. Of course, you can also use this for any other purposes for which you wish to make pretty aesthetic envelopes.

This is the finished product!

Many people do Postcrossing, and/or send penpal mail in which they send and exchange not just letters and postcards but also wrap and package them in wonderfully designed envelopes, attaching gift tags to complete the little treasure which ends up in someone else’s mailbox many miles across the world.

For the purposes of the demonstration, we will be using mt Christmas 2019 Collection tapes which you can purchase here.

Seals at the back of the envelope

If you need envelope seals, this washi tape (the red one) can be cut into individual ‘seals’ for the back of the envelope.

(the red one in the middle)

The Christmas tapes are designed such that they can be borders both with and without the ‘black lines’. Here they are used in both ways. On the larger envelope with the red seal, the ‘House in the Forest‘ tape makes the envelope look kinda like a postcard!

The tape used on the smaller envelope – ‘Christmas Star‘ is like a cinematic border for the envelope!

This is how it looks like!

Stamps? Don’t ask your post office, ask Santa!

Ho Ho Ho Santa’s here. These Santa Stamp tapes are super cute and double/triple up as extra stamps! We wonder if they can count as postage stamps too, maybe instead of your local post office, Santa will mail these for you!

Decorate the whole envelope with mt tape

If you worry that your envelope looks blank, what you can do is to diagonally paste the washi tape in rows. For the purposes of this post, we used ONE washi tape design only, the Letter from Santa Claus tape. You can actually also layer different designs one after another to get a different effect. Whichever way you choose, you will be able to decorate a plain envelope and turn it into a penpal worthy aesthetic looking piece of art!

We repeated the same idea above with the smaller envelope. This time, the washi was not stuck on in a diagonal but in a horizontal way. This print looks very seamless and makes the whole envelope look like it was originally that design.

Cut stickers from washi tape

Also earlier we used the Fleuron tapes as a seal. Here we cut it into a ‘snowflake’ shape so it also acts like a sticker! For the corner, we tore up the Letter from Santa Claus tapes into strips so it looks like a newspaper cutting!

Flag banners at the back of your envelope

You can decorate the back of the envelope with flags. Here we used the tape Christmas Stripe! Cut the washi tape with a penknife in an upside down V shape. Cut 5 pieces from the washi roll, just make sure the third one in the middle is a bit longer than the rest so it looks like it is a hanging banner.

We hope that gave you some ideas! Of course, washi tape can be used in so many other ways, we’d love to hear from you, so share your ideas and tag us in your creations on instagram @cityluxesg

Happy shopping and happy holidays!



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