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It’s BLACK FRIDAY – Treats for Fountain Pen Lovers

It’s Black Friday weekend and if you’re in a shopping mood like we all are, here are some ideas for you to treat yourself (or others if you’re feeling particularly generous)!


If you like history or inks with historical significance

The TWSBI 1791 Ink comes in a 6pcs pack and it’s currently discounted as well! Read more about its rich history here! It’s really aesthetic looking and makes a nice gift pack. It is both a collector’s item and good to add to your ink swatch book if you’re into that!

TWSBI 1791 Ink Combo Color 6pcs Pack

If you’re looking for a classy gift set that’s sure to awe, check out this:

Monteverde 10pcs Ink Gift Set Core Collection

Monteverde 10pcs Ink Gift Set Gemstone Collection

Our inhouse ink expert @missmuffat calls the Copper Noir a ‘true copper shade’ and the Smoke Noir ‘a deep concrete cool grey on paper’. You would be spoilt for choice to choose an ink for your daily use! But if that’s really an issue, look at the next thing we’ve got on the list!


This is for people who would like to have one ink per pen for every day of the week

The TWSBI Eco Pens come in as many days a week as you need (and more)!

Get one for each day – make it a Christmas surprise (heh).

TWSBI Eco Pens

If you want everything in one – pen + nib + ink

The Kaweco Calligraphy Set comes in three colours – Black, White and Coconut!

Brush Pens are on the list too!

If inks and fountain pens are not your thing, but you like to draw and calligraph, fear not! We’ve got a whole range of Pentel Touch Sign Brush Pens!

Pentel Touch Sign Brush Pen

You can even buy a ready-made set of 6 if you can’t choose a single colour.

If you’re into line drawings there’s the Micron Set of Pens in varying degrees of thickness.

Pigma Micron Pen and Pigma Brush

But wait, how can you get inks and pens without notebooks?


Complete the gift packs for yourself or your friends with a notebook

Fountain pens work nicely on the Leuchtturm1917 Blank Books – or Lined if you love to write long pieces! Leuchtturm1917 launched the new muted shades and boy, they’re so calming!

If white or cream shades are more your thing,

Check out the Midori A5 Notebook, complete with a goatskin cover that ages gracefully over time. The pages lay flat and the cream coloured pages go very well with fountain pen ink. You can get it in lined, dot grid and blank.

Midori A5 in Grid, Lined and Dot Grid
Midori A5 Dot Grid


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