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Karin Brushmarker PRO Demonstration with Souldeelight (2020)

Calligraphy isn’t just a means of making your lettering pretty- it’s relaxing, therapeutic and just plain fun! To enjoy calligraphy to its fullest means a good brush. If you’re averse to the idea of mess; think several cups of water, dirty brushes and ink stains everywhere, you’ll love the Poland originated Karin Brushmarker PRO as it’s totally fuss-free. 

What’s inside the Karin Brushmarker?

Each marker stores 2.4ml of paint that is loaded with intense colour made from Liquid Ink Technology that enables the ink to remain its prettiest till the last drop. In addition to being more efficient than traditional filter markers, each marker is also equipped with a Japanese made super durable and flexible nylon tip. For the safety conscious, you’ll be relieved to know that the ink is non-toxic. 
To brush up on our calligraphy skills (pun fully intended!) here at Cityluxe, we’ve decided to invite the perfect person to give us a demonstration of the Karin Brushmarkers PRO.

Say hello to Dee! The bubbly artist is the girl behind Souldeelight. A self-taught creative, she’s also a certified art therapist in Singapore! Her passion for letterforms, calligraphy and watercolour have led her to collaborations with multiple organisations, brands and workshops which she’s been conducting since 2014. 

Juicy Inking Ahead

Before you head over to the demo livestream, you might want to check out Dee’s unboxing and swatch of the Karin Markers Brushmaker PRO Mega Box Plus Set of 72 here. We’re basically drooling at all the colours available! 

In today’s demonstration, we’ll be using the following colours: Magenta Red, Black, Magenta, Neon Blue, Ochre, Warm Grey 3 and a blender. Grab these colours if you have them and paint with us! If not, you’ll want to purchase them here. We promise you they’re worth it! However, if you just want a short breakdown of the markers, read on! 

Being an expert in calligraphy, Dee is a connoisseur when it comes to brush markers and she typically looks for the following features in a marker:

  • Juicy
  • Pigmented
  • Vibrant
  • Blendable

Of these features, Karin Brushmarkers embody all of them perfectly. She’s been using these markers for a year or so and needless to say, she loves them. 

One of the best calligraphy brushes? Possibly!

As a big fan of watercolours and how the colours blend nicely, it was important that the markers she used did just that. So far, she’s found that Karin markers do a good job in mimicking the nice blend that watercolours give. The wet on wet technique is hard to master but the Karin Brushmarkers make it slightly easy with 2 ways to blend: 

  • Direct blending
  •  By rubbing two nibs together

Another sore point, which most calligraphers will be able to relate to would be the fraying of brushes. Heartbreaking as it is, most brushes tend to fray after a year. With the Karin Brushmarkers however, that is hardly a worry. The bristles stay exactly as they are when new! Say goodbye to the odd stray stroke here and there.

To end off demonstration, we were treated to a beautifully lettered quote from Dee. So hey, choose faith over fear and pick up a Karin Brushmarker or two to kickstart that calligraphy hobby you’ve always wanted to try. We promise that you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

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