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Leuchtturm1917 Bauhaus 100 Notebook Collection

The Leuchtturm1917 Bauhaus 100 Collection is a premium dot grid notebook. It is used as a bullet journal notebook and even a daily planner for many. But why is it so special there has to be a whole collection about the ‘Bauhaus’?

What is the history of the Bauhaus?

Source: Bauhaus | Dessau

Bauhaus, literally meaning construction house, was originally an arts school in Germany, founded by Walter Gropius. What distinguishes the Bauhaus from other art movements is it’s specific choice of aesthetic which brings together art and crafts as well as the fine arts especially in the sphere of architecture. It has influenced both modern and contemporary art and over time become a renown concept and aesthetic ideal.

Bauhaus was a school that was found in 3 of Germany’s cities but was forced to close due to the Nazi regime. The influence and resilience of the school was so great that it lasted and outgrew the boundaries of a geographically ‘limited’ educational institution. This led to the Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus academy artists still have much influence on the world today whether directly or indirectly.

What is the characteristics and aesthetic of the Bauhaus movement?

The goal of the Bauhaus style is to connect art with the everyday, combining art and craft movements for functionality. The essence and concept of the Bauhaus movement is to emphasize balance functionality in and with the designs – therefore there is little excess designs and elaborate embellishments. 

Source: Wikipedia Commons

The concept of the Bauhaus revolves around geometric shapes, balance and function. It is simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to produce in different types of furniture and architecture. 

What has Bauhaus have to do with stationery?

Leuchtturm1917, a well known German Notebook brand, celebrated ‘100 years Bauhaus” with special notebooks, the centenary edition, with the tagline “Everything starts from a dot”. The products – black, yellow, red and blue notebooks (the trademark colours of Bauhaus), are themed after the work of Bauhaus ex-student Peter Keler. The products have the official anniversary logo of Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar gGmbH.

Bauhaus Notebooks, available at

Even the display of the collection stands out very much as an architectural piece in itself, whichever way you turn it around the feel of functionality and art blends together beautifully in the loud bold primary colours). This photo below was taken at our recent Journaling Festival and the Bauhaus display was eye catching to many customers!

Leuchtturm1917 Bauhaus Collection at Journaling Festival 2019

Each notebook comes with a nice sheath that has a center with the tagline.

Leuchtturm Bauhaus Notebook in Yellow

When stacked, the aesthetic is very eye catching. The yellow notebook has black edges, the black notebook blue edges, the blue notebook has red edges and the red notebook has blue edges.

Look at the edges! Source:

The colour of the dots inside the book match the colour of the edges.

Blue notebook edges and blue dots inside

There is a tribute and profile of the painter, artist, theorist and teacher Wassily Kandinsky (to whom the phrase ‘everything starts from a dot’ is attributed to at the back.

The bullet journal has long taught us that all it takes is one dot, to explore a  whole world of creativity and magic in words and art. Bullet Journaling in is a method in fact, that allows for functionality (and aesthetic) to combine to achieve a more efficient way to list and complete daily tasks.

These books have all the usual Leuchtturm1917 details such as the index, page numbers, double bookmarks as well as the labelling sticker set.


  • Wassily Kandinsky quote embossed on the front cover: “Everything starts from a dot.”
  • Brief profile of Kandinsky featured on the endpaper
  • Fore-edge and ruling are same-colour
  • Colour combinations of cover/fore-edge: Lemon/Black - Black/Royal - Royal/Red - Red/Royal
  • Ruling: Dotted
  • Index and page numbers
  • Gusseted pocket
  • Elastic enclosure band
  • Sticker for labelling and archiving
  • High paper quality
  • High ink compatibility

Dimensions = 210 x 145 mm  /  251 pages  /  Paper =  80g/m²

There are also matching pencils in the 4 colours that are available as well as pen loops

Pencils in the four colours and Pen Loops
Pen Loops here

You can purchase all these here:

Leuchtturm1917 Bauhaus 100 Notebooks in A5 size:

Leuchtturm1917 Bauhaus 100 Pen Loop in
Royal Blue | Lemon | Red | Black 

Leuchtturm1917 Bauhaus 100 Pencils here


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