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mt Tape Autumn Winter Collection 2019

mt Tape’s New Collection is finally here!!!! It is time to bring on the browns and whites in this year’s Autumn Winter Collection 2019

mt x Lisa Larson

mt x Lisa Larson letter mikey and jonah tapes

Lisa Larson letter mikey (20mm×7m), a kind of travel inspired themed tape, works well with the Travelers Notebook and other travel related items!

Lisa Larson jonah (15mm×7m)– this washi is a more pastel line art drawing, very versatile too. It’s light blue and goes well with any mild coloured or light toned spread!

mt ex tapes

from top to bottom: mt ex encyclopedia nuts, layered of flower, squirrel and acorn

This is the definition of fall tapes, it’s got all the autumn feels

mt ex layered of flower (15mm×7m) – this is a fully coloured brown and orange tape with warm, fall hues

mt ex squirrel and acorn (15mm×7m)– this is kinda cute because the squirrel is part of the design and as you can see, it’s also created in a kind of pattern which makes it very easy to use!

mt ex layered of flower and squirrel and acorn

mt ex encyclopedia nuts (30mm×7m) – mt always adds to the encyclopedia tape collection and this is not new! So, if you like pistachios and other nuts, this is surely for you!

swatches of the mt ex encyclopedia nuts, layered of flower, squirrel and acorn

mt ex vintage unicorn (18mm×7m) – this is a personal favourite, the attention to detail is beautiful and all the little things that count! Because of the detail, it goes a little wider than the usual 15mm at 18mm. To us, this is perhaps one of those quite real winter feels tapes, so you can use it to primp up those Christmas presents 🙂

mt ex vintage unicorn

mt x bluebellgray

You can find watercolour wonders in these two tapes, they’re rather broad making them good for borders and thicker decorative spaces. If you’re adventurous enough you can even cut the individual brush strokes of the bluebellgray Muralla out and paste them individually!

bluebellgray Muralla (top) and Rothesay (bottom)

Tapes featured:
bluebellgray Rothesay (24mm×7m)
bluebellgray Muralla (24mm×7m)

@mt_masking_tape showed us how to make mobiles that would add a little fun and cheer to your door frame or a baby’s overhead mobile!

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