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New Releases this January!

Valentine’s Day is coming, and in the light of that, we decided to give you a quick lowdown on all the new items that have been stocked up and ready for you to grab! From a gorgeous rose-gold trimmed TWSBI Eco to lovely foiled sticker flakes by BGM, this January release has everything you want!

Let’s start with the long-awaited and drool-worthy…

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen White with Rose Gold Trim.

The box itself is different from the other TWSBI Eco Boxes. You’ll know if you’re a collector (heh).

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen White with Rose Gold Trim

Look at that beauty!

The rose-gold nib and clip makes it elegant, aesthetic and stylish all at one go! The first pre-order sold out already (with the exception of the Broad nib) and the second will come in May. Preorder yours today so you don’t miss out the next release! Check out our unboxing video of the pen here!

If rose-gold is not your thing, don’t worry, check out the full range of TWSBI Pens in our collection! While you have fun shopping for pens, remember to also take care of your existing ones back home!

BGM New Sticker Flakes

In this photo:
BGM Flakes Seal Ribbon
BGM Flakes Seal Fruit Sweets

In this photo:
BGM Flakes Seal Picnic

In this picture top row:
BGM Flakes Seal Kitchen
BGM Flakes Seal Ribbon
BGM Flakes Seal Fruit Flower

Bottom row:
BGM Flakes Seal Bird
BGM Flakes Seal Fruit Sweets
BGM Flakes Seal Food Car

In this photo:
BGM Flakes Seal Japanese Sweets
BGM Flakes Seal H’ome Cooking

BGM Tapes Spring 2020

We’ve themed the tapes easily for you so you can find your tribe!

Galaxy and Stars

BGM Purple Universe Washi Tape
BGM Light Blue Star Washi Tape

Sakura/Kawaii styled tapes

Perfect for Valentine’s Day or even just for the whole of February.

Shop the range of Sakura and cherry blossoms themed tapes and sticker flakes!

In this photo:
BGM Sakura Fubuki Washi Tape
BGM Cherry Blossom Washi Tape

In this photo: BGM Flakes Seal Pink Sakura

In this photo: BGM Crown Washi Tape

Nature-themed: Greens and Blues

In this photo: BGM Sunny Washi Tape

In this photo: (Birds Washi) — BGM Kotori Washi Tape

Holographic Leaf washi tape: BGM Green Leaf Washi Tape

Flower Garden; Bold shades!

In this photo:
BGM Flower Garden, Dark Washi Tape
BGM Flower Garden, Light Washi Tape
BGM Little Tulip Washi Tape

MU Craft New Releases

Some of the many MU Craft Releases! Also – newly launched is the MU Craft Crystal Stickers — here’s a video to teach you how to use them and so you can see how they are like!

Happy shopping, it’s spring and the atmosphere should always be filled with happiness and love 🙂

Have a great week ahead and happy February!


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