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Print-On Stickers by MU Craft

Are you looking for a way to make art cards without drawing? Or designing handmade personalised gifts affordably? Look no further, today, we’re bringing you MU Craft Print-On Stickers, now available in Singapore!

MU Craft’s Print-On Stickers work along the same technology as the more known transfer stickers – you ‘print’ the stickers onto the surface by rubbing it onto the surface from the plastic sheet.

What or who is MU Craft?

MU Craft or @mu_lifestyle as they are known on Instagram, are a Taiwanese stationery brand! They can be found here.

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How to use MU Craft Print-On Stickers?

  1. Tear open the plastic, each pack holds TWO sheets, one in front and one at the back (flip over to see it) – it is separated by a hard card backing.
  2. Next, take out the sheet you want. Every sheet consists of the tracing paper and the plastic sticker portion. Do not remove the tracing paper sheet that is stuck to the plastic.
  3. Then, out the specific sticker part / sticker(s) that you want to use – cut both the tracing paper and the plastic.
  4. After that, pull off the tracing paper backing.
  5. Stick the plastic with the sticker side downwards onto the place you wish to have the sticker on.
  6. Press it down firmly. If you got the sticker sheets, you would also get the wooden tool which helps you to press the sticker onto the paper. How to use the wooden tool? Use the spoon-like part – rub the sticker down onto the paper, repeat twice.
  7. Slowly lift the plastic sheet off the sticker, if there is some of the sticker that comes off with the plastic, repeat step 6!

SO, what not to do?

  • Always cut out first the desired pattern – do NOT paste a huge section OR the whole sheet and then try to pull it off later, some part may already stick to the paper/whatever surface, causing the part of the unused sticker sheet to be ruined.
  • Take the sticker sheet out of the plastic and leave it on the table (the fan might blow it away – or blow the tracing paper part away)

3 Suggested uses for MU Craft Print On Stickers

  1. Put them on cards – white cards, black cards, brown cards, any coloured cards. They can be layered so you can always make a bouquet! Or in this case, corners of cards so you could write a message in the center

    Product featured: MU Craft Print-On Sticker Pink and Purple flowers 083
  2. You could put them on pouches too, they don’t have to be fabric pouches for the sticker to stay on.

    Product featured: MU Craft Print-On Sticker Butterflies 085
  3. Put them on cups – then give the cups as gifts (or keep them because they are too beautiful to give away)
    Product featured: MU Craft Print-On Sticker Bloom and Grow 079

Therefore, the Print-On Stickers do a fine job of being stuck on almost anything you put them on. They are versatile, multi purpose and varied in their designs!

Materials tested on: Ceramic (cup), Paper (card), Nylon-polyester (pink pouch).


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