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Review: Kyo No Oto Urahairo

This is one of 2 inks Urahairo and Keshimurasaki that may seem to pale in comparison to other strong pigmented inks that’s in the market these days. But wait! Let me cast new eyes on these precious limited edition inks from Kyo No Oto. For days when you don’t want to shout about what you are writing, or if you are a discreet writer, here’s a perfect chance to look at these favourites with fresh eyes.

Urahairo literally means the underside of leaves. If you need a visual, this is the color of the eucalyptus leaves (dusty little green discs of leaves on a long branch) hanging out of every other floral bouquet now.

One thing to note no matter how pale the ink may look at first, with Kyoto inks, the colors are more organic and you’d expect them to evolve and darken slightly over time.

This ink is great for hot days, the icy dusty green is unintrusive and always cools me down. My dad had a Volkswagen Beetle back in the 70s that was exactly this color.

Despite the pale palette, i find it legible even from the start. It becomes more expressive on broader nibs, from M onwards. The F nibs also show the ink quite well, although you tend to see a darker hue with less variation upon drying.

This is a limited edition for 2018, and I didn’t find any similar color substitutes from other brands.

What the color reminds me of:
– raw eucalyptus leaves
– retro 70s bathroom fittings
– my dad’s old Volkswagen beetle

What I used:
Kaweco Sport, Broad Nib
Paper: Muji notecard, Bestform notecards


(Scale of 1 to 5)

Dry time ★★★★★ (1=slow, 5=fast)
Flow ★★★☆☆ (1=dry, 5=wet)
Shading ★★★☆ (1=low, 5=high)

Thanks to @missmuffat for this review.


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