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Student Collections Ideas and Inspiration for the New Year

Before we dive into the world of spread ideas for the upcoming school year, here’s some thoughts on why students should bullet journal. Before you dismiss the idea that bullet journaling takes forever and making pretty lovely calligraphy spreads is so not your thing, hold on a moment.

Bullet Journaling for students actually helps you to get out of the digital haze which not just is quite distracting but also helps you get clarity of thought. Every time you open your note app or virtual to do list, you get a barrage of emails, texts, Instagram notifications, Facebook messages, Netflix telling you there’s a new movie to watch, and the list goes on. The likelihood of you clicking any one of these notifications is higher than you actually going straight to the note app. Instead of writing all of them on different post-its and then sticking them on your computer, desk, fridge, wall and more, collate them all in a bullet journal!

The next thing you know, you’d have forgotten the task you needed to list.

Bullet Journaling helps you to get to exactly the page you need and put that task down. In the light of that, here’s some productivity trackers to help you to get your time on track and spent and planned wisely.

Productivity Trackers 

Using time trackers – which means how much time is spent doing work/whatever tasks you need to complete, you can track how productive you are at the task. While we understand that quantity is not directly related to quality, yet the more time you spend on a task the higher chances that you will actually do it.


You can do it by a specific task like the above, or you can do it in the form of a tracker. You can also do it as a whole day.


This is what we call ‘time block'(ing). When you time block you make sure you spend every hour of the day doing stuff you need to do – whether work, rest or exercise or anything else.

If you really want to track to the very minute, so this is the most detailed one you get – you can try this. It’s also very well colour coded so you can see at a glance everything you need to do.

The Semesterly Spreads

As students, we take a different number of modules and they’re all different which means different classes, timetables, and sometimes there’s just about too much information to process.

You don’t want to get lost on your first day of school and you also want to be able to know the amount of preparation that is needed to be done before the school year starts. Don’t forget you’d also want a little space to jot down your professors’ email addresses in case of thesis submission or other help needed.

Overall semester spreads are extremely useful to capture everything you need in a glance and will come in very handy especially on the first few weeks when you are new to everything!

They are like future logs (but for the semester). Future Logs

Image from: The bestself hub

Here are some things to add to your semester spreads

  • Module/Class Name and Code (especially university students yes I’m talking to you!!)
  • Professors’ Names and Email addresses
  • Class timetable slots – what time of the day the class is on
  • Venue!!!
  • Exam dates and assignment submission deadlines (see the spread by @bujobooster below!)


Project Planners

When you write essays or do group projects, there’s usually a timeline to follow and how better to do it than to use your bullet journal. It keeps you on track so you get to hand it in on time.

But more importantly, it helps you to break down a large scale thing to do into small bite-size pieces so you don’t feel so stressed also and you won’t be a last-minute do-everything-the-night-before kind of person.

It’s easier to do small things everyday than to get overwhelmed and lose all sanity when the deadlines hit!

Stationery for You

The term did not start if you did not buy new stationery, am I right?

Here’s a couple of lovely stationery to start the term right and embellish those painful to do lists of assignments so that it can feel a tad bit better!

If you’re into florals, check out our new line of Appree stickers where you get real-life flowers look-a-like to press on to your notes and papers.

If you’re an animal lover, we have a whole range of all kinds of animal stickers – both sticker sheets and sticker flakes, as well as dog and cat washi tape!

There’s dogs, cats, pandas, and you name it!

If you’re looking for bullet journal accessories, feel free to check out the range of memo pads and page flags!


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