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The Comeback King – Conklin Duragraph Elements Limited Edition EARTH

Conklin came up with a new Duragraph collection inspired by the elements Earth, Fire, Water. All 3 pens are limited editions, numbered for 1898. I’ve gotten to know a new friend in the Conklin Limited Edition EARTH – it has kept me company during the Covid-19 circuit breaker(city shutdown) period.

To be honest, I was always drawn to Conklin for its timeless design and good colours, but the poor performing nibs had always put me off. They were inconsistent and usually ‘scratchy’ when I put pen to paper. It was always a tug-of-war between the attractive pen design and the unstable nib quality.

But Conklin made a comeback. They now use JoWo #6 nibs, a trustworthy, reliable, German-made nib maker, who has honed their craft as quality nib makers, loved by the fountain pen community. I am very pleased with this nib upgrade, and finally, it’s as if my pen prayers have been answered. (Monteverde pens will also now use JoWo #6 nibs)

The number of nib options have also opened up to a heaven of selection – from steel extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 stub.


Specks of the earth, in your hand

This pen was so time-appropriate for me. With the name Earth, and colored specks of brown, black against the otherwise translucent pen body – it did feel like a poignant reminder of the chaos and uncertain times around us. I had felt like someone ripped the carpet from beneath my feet and here I am, feeling the earth beneath my feet. To be able to hold onto my pen, seemed like small steps to regain control of my day. The Conklin Limited Edition EARTH did just that for me.

The Duragraph is a good size, it is not too large, and the girth of the pen is just right. It is not overpowering, a good workhorse pen if you’re looking to toss it around the desk and write a whole bunch of stuff with it. The pen body is made of resin, with dark steel finish around the cap band, cap top with mounted clip and the pen tip. The nib is black steel. I believe Conklin also did something to the feeder design – it has a more graduated slope towards the tip of pen, the shape also seems conducive for good ink flow.

I wrote with it for over an hour, no fatigue. I think the new JoWo nib is really working in its favour, it was literally gliding across the pages of my Tomoe River and also the Leuchtturm – the pen moves faster than most stub nibs on paper.

Pen is not too heavy, so it is a breeze to handle. If you don’t apply any deliberate force, you will feel like glide even more – much like a ride on a magic carpet with Aladdin. I tried it with Monteverde Smoke Noir, Kyoto inks Kokeiro, inks of different wetness – all good!

Compared to my previous Conklin experiences, the writing experience is a total turnaround. I believe we have a lot to look forward to, now that Conklin has made a good comeback on the ageold complaint. Hence, I’ve given the Limited Edition Earth a nickname – the Comeback King. Or Homecoming Queen, if you wish.


Written by @missmuffat 


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