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Traveler’s Notebook: For Your Everyday Use

A notebook is a very personal thing to many. But how to find the perfect notebook that fits your everyday use – from collecting tasks and thoughts, deadlines and business meetings to also being able to collect memories and photos. Don’t forget those messy receipts that get lost easily…before you drown in the massive choices of notebooks in the market, hear us out.

Traveler’s Company has wowed the world with their lovely Midori paper, huge range of inserts and gorgeous leather covers that only grow better and more beautiful with the passing of time. A customizable notebook, perhaps even the word is in itself an understatement. Their notebook, affectionately known to users as the Traveler’s Notebook (TN) is used and loved by many, and for those who boast well worn leather covers, for many years!

WHAT is a TN?

Travelers Notebook or TN, is made up of a collection of notebooks, usually different types and even of different papers – grid, dot, ruled, sketch paper, watercolour paper, etc. Browse the full range here.

This buzzfeed user loved her TN so much she named her Marceline.

Who is the TN for, you may ask?

For those who would like to segment their daily lives into various parts.

Some people don’t like ONE planner for clients/work, school, family, friends, everything. If you’re a believer in Marie Kondo-ing your schedule, the TN is for you. You can use one notebook for work, perhaps a ruled one, one notebook for home (we suggest the grid one) so you can track chores, grocery lists, etc. See how @organized_doctor makes the TN useful for her day to day planning

Another notebook can be used for recording the good times spent with friends and hangouts and memories of travels, you can use the blank notebook so you can stick polaroids and photos and travel tickets!  @cissyartcafe (below) put the floor plan of the museum she visited in her TN spread. How cool!

Remember to keep one notebook for yourself, don’t forget self-care! See how @wenyea does it below, in her habit tracker. She uses the grid notebook for this!

For those who don’t like planners because they are too restrictive, go to the Traveler’s Notebook!

Some people don’t like printed planners with all the months/weeks/days pre-printed for you because they feel there is not enough space for drawing or customization. The TN helps you get around that! If you’re a fan of bullet journaling or you like weekly printed sides with the other side being grid, the TN insert. @saricastudio uses Dot Grid Inserts to plan her weeklies!

Lovers of Leather Covers!

Normal planner and notebook covers meet their painful demise rather quickly. Not just that, but remember you paid 50 bucks for it. It might hurt. Meet the Travelers Notebook Leather Cover! It becomes more beautiful with age. The more you wear it down with everyday use, the more pretty it becomes, you can’t say that about a lot of things but you sure can say that about leather.

LOOK AT THAT! It’s really like a happy family 🙂 

If you use a planner but want tons of space at the back…

or front or middle! Because that’s exactly what the TN is about. It’s about customizing the notebook(s) to look, feel and be for you. 

@paper.dandelion is using TN Refill 018 Weekly Vertical Diary, a 6 month vertical planner!

If you want more space with your weekly planner, use the TN Refill 019 which has a grid page on the right side of the weekly schedule

Traveler’s Notebook Refill 019 (Regular Size) – Weekly Diary + Memo
Receipt keeping with a record of your everyday purchases 

Use the PASSPORT SIZED TN to do this. It is not just easy for you to keep in your purse, it’s literally passport sized. It’s also got space for you to write and track your everyday expenses. So if you’re going on a spending tracking habit to clear a loan or just good ol’fashioned expense tracking, you can use the TN Passport sized. Use the folders to keep them tucked away before you deal with them later!

But wait! We’re not done. Got multiple bank accounts/credit lines? Use one TN Insert PER bank account. Don’t worry, the TN’s got you covered! 

Collecting Polaroids and Business Cards!

One of our favourite things in the TN collection is the HUGE range of accessories. Not a lot of planners/planner companies can boast of having such a wide range of accessories. And if having so many different inserts is not enough, Traveler’s Company has so many accessories you could get lost in them. 

Slip stuff in corners with the corner sticker TN Insert 004. Alternatively you can collect business cards at your next networking event with the TN Insert 028 Card File. But if you’re not into collecting business cards, you can use the business card file to collect your favorite polaroids from your travels!

Traveler’s Company has clips too, if you want to hold pages open or use them as page markers! They also make very aesthetically pleasing and vintage collectibles. Get yours here.

There are two options for the brass clip TRC logo and Airplane

That’s all from us right now! See you guys in the next post 🙂


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