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Unboxing TWSBI Diamond Mini White II Fountain Pen (2020)

TWSBI fans rejoice! You’ll soon be adding a new member to your collection. The TWSBI Diamond Mini White II joins one of many miniature pens in the Taiwanese brand’s growing Diamond Mini series

It’s obvious that the rose gold phenomenon is still very much going strong even after its inception years ago. For those who love this particular metal, you’ll be thrilled to know that the TWSBI Diamond Mini White II is lined with rose gold. 


All-around: Rose gold trimmings are typically not common in most brands of fountain pens, making this highly collectable 

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who’s into fountain pens that isn’t familiar with TWSBI.

The name behind the Taiwanese brand has its roots from the Chinese phrase 三文堂 (San Wen Tong or, Hall of Three Cultures). This particular phrase brings to mind the Hall of Three Rare Treasures created by Emperor Qianlong as a memorial to three great masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy. With the combination of the reversed initials of San Wen Tong and the characters Bi (Writing Instrument in Chinese), the name TWSBI was born. 

With such rich history and beautifully designed pens, it’s no wonder TWSBI is extremely popular with fountain pen enthusiasts. 


Touch of detail: While it isn’t really made of ceramic, the white cap of the pen looks glazed, enhancing the beauty of the whole pen 

The Diamond Mini White II might be a miniature version of a Diamond 580 but its features are no less inferior. If anything, it might even have an edge due to its pocket friendly size. 

The pen comes in a lovely acrylic box that not only protects the pen but also acts as a nice little gift box. Along with the Diamond Mini White II are also history and instructional sheets inside. 

The very first thing you’ll notice about the pen is of course the rose gold prominence that’s accentuated by the complementary white colouring. We kid you not when we say that this pen truly embodies rose gold as everything from the nib, clip and even TWSBI’s iconic piston filler mechanism is dyed in it. 

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that there are threads wrapped around the top of the pen – a sign that this pen is meant to be posted (capped) while in use. This particular feature is significant in the Diamond Mini series as it is noticeably missing from the regular-sized pens. 

As you hold the fountain pen, you’ll also be able to feel the slight ribbed barrel that the pen has. These ‘ribs’ are actually meant to simulate the facets of a diamond, hence the name ‘Diamond’ series.

This isn’t just a beautifying factor though; it’s supposed to give you a better grip, making writing a much easier and smoother experience.


Sight to behold: The pen stands out due to its prominent rose gold features when placed next to other TWSBI fountain pens

So now the big question is, how does the TWSBI Diamond Mini White II measure up to other TWSBI pens? To get a comparison, we had a side-by-side of the popular TWSBI Diamond 580 Smoke Rose Gold II and Diamond Mini White II. 

Most would find writing with the Diamond Mini White II uncomfortable due to how short it is. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem you can’t fix. When capped, the Diamond Mini White II measures 11.5cm and feels alright when held in hand. In contrast, the Diamond 580 Smoke is 14cm so the difference is not too noticeable. 

The advantages of being pocket-friendly also comes with one little disadvantage – a smaller ink storage. You’ll likely need to bring a small bottle of ink along if you are planning a long trip away from your desk.For those of you who write a lot and hate the hassle of carrying too many things, you might want to save this pen for home use.

Besides that one inconvenience, the Diamond White II is truly a remarkable pen. You’ll not miss the advantageous piston filler mechanism as it also works perfectly even in a smaller pen. 

If you enjoy using smaller fountain pens like Kaweco, you’ll definitely enjoy the TWSBI Diamond Mini White II fountain pen as it gives all the benefits of a TWSBI fountain pen but in a travel-friendly size! Get your own set and let us know how it writes for you! 

The TWSBI Diamond Mini with Rose Gold Trim II Fountain Pen is available for pre-order for $122 (EF, F, M, B) and $130 (Stub 1.1M)


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