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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the 5 Love Languages

Valentine’s Day is coming and in the spirit of gifting and love, here is a post on how to create gifts for the different love languages. These are by no means exhaustive but just to give you some idea on how to start if you have no idea how to start gifting for Valentine’s Day.

If you have no idea what the 5 Love Languages are, it this book by Gary Chapman where it talks about 5 different ways to express love and experience it between partners. According to him, the 5 love languages are

  1. Acts of Service
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Physical Touch
  4. Quality Time
  5. Gifts

So here are some curated ideas (and step by step guides) to create your very own personalized present for your loved one!

Acts of Service

make a book of coupons with little acts of services – closet cleaning, vehicle cleaning, dishes duty, breakfast delivery to your office. (CAVALINI)

For people who have acts of service as their love language, it’s all in the little things, the details. It’s as little as serving breakfast to them in bed, or doing the dishes when it was meant to be their turn, or doing the laundry, they will be delighted!

So why not bring all the best things together in a little ‘Coupon Book’, where on a bad day or on a really tiring day, they can just use any of those!

Get a small notebook – an A6 one would be the perfect size. You can get an even smaller one if you wish!

Get post its.
We have a range for you to choose from. For this post we feature the Cavallini sticky notes.

Write as many tasks as you can think of, and then pull out the post it and stick it into the notebook.

Here is a list of tasks you can put down on the post its:

  • Pick up dinner tonight
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Fill up petrol for the car
  • Do grocery shopping for the week
  • Do the dishes
  • Do the laundry
  • Make them breakfast in bed
  • Fold the clothes
  • Do this week’s laundry
  • Water the plants
  • Pull the weeds
  • Scrub the shower
  • Clear the home-office space
  • Organize the kitchen cabinet
  • Make them a morning cuppa’
  • Bake them cupcakes (or if you cannot bake, buy them cupcakes)
  • Wait for them before you watch the next episode
  • Take the kids to school
  • Pick up the kids
  • Make lunch for the children
  • Plan a weekend vacation
  • and many more…

Words of Affirmation

Grab yourself all the post-its you can find and write little, small short phrases and tuck them in places where your loved one will go everyday! Here are our examples!

Stick one on stationery drawers!

Product: Suatelier Daily Plan 4 Mini Sticky Memo

Some heart post-its on the window grilles so when they close the windows before they leave for work they will find it!

Product: Suatelier Daily Plan 10 Sticky Memo

Reminding them to bring fruits to work is always a good thing! Love also means helping them live a healthier lifestyle 😉

Product: Suatelier Daily Plan 4 Mini Sticky Memo

This little touch of happiness on the doorknob will put a little spring into their step!

Product: Suatelier Daily Plan 10 Sticky Memo

Just when they’re about to grab that chocolate bar, they can also grab free hugs!

Product used: Suatelier Daily Plan 17 Sticky Memo

Pun your way through breakfast!

Product used: Suatelier Daily Plan 17 Sticky Memo

Thank them for going the extra mile 🙂 especially when they’re really tired and still doing the laundry at 12 midnight!

Product used: Suatelier Daily Plan 14 Sticky Memo

Product used: Suatelier Daily Plan 16 Sticky Memo

Physical Touch

It’s all about the gestures, the hugs, forehead kisses, warm blankets and ambience. Remember to give your significant other a hug before they go to work, and don’t forget to perhaps make them ready to go coffee with a dash of cinnamon powder 🙂

You can also consider buying candles which would not just spruce up the atmosphere but also allow them to relax and soothe their muscles after a long day of work.


It’s not just about the gift, but the thought that counts. As cliche as that sounds, get your loved one something that is not just a product but an experience.

Some ideas of experiences are – Disneyland or USS experiences where you can go with them for a whole day of fun. Consider also going with them for art workshops! Check out the full range of events here!

Past bullet journaling workshop with @stephtcreates

Line Art and Watercolour Workshop with Mimi (@thetinyblot)

Quality Time

Book a vacation far away. Then go on the trip.

At every point, take some good pictures or polaroids of them. Collect all of them for the end of the trip. Get a Traveler’s Notebook and choose from a range of inserts.

For the purposes of this project we used the: Traveler’s Notebook Refill 014 (Regular Size) – Kraft Paper.

Using washi tape, create borders! Add little doodles by the sides – dots, stars, circles, moons and little dashes that looks like wallpaper 🙂

Or you can create frames! Pro tip: stack washi tapes on top of each other, layering is always the way to go to create emphasis and aestheticize the spread!

Use washi tape to fill in the blank spaces on top and at the bottom.

Write quotes on the sides to document the best parts of your travel.

You can put place names, cities, towns, or the sites you visited!

We hope these will help you make Valentine’s Day for your partner and loved ones a memorable one!

With lots of love,



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