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17 Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

This is Part 3 of the Bullet Journaling Series
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If you are looking for bullet journal tracker ideas, mood trackers, habit trackers etc, you have come to the right place!

Bullet Journal trackers are extremely useful for most people to use. Many bullet journal enthusiasts use trackers to help them cope with habits they either want to grow, or change or improve on.

Habits that are cultivated make us better individuals and of course help us to reform and transform certain aspects of our mind and body for an overall better life.

As the famous Benjamin Franklin said, “It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.”, so many people use habit trackers not just to cultivate good habits but also to break bad ones!

Examples of habits you can track are (just to name a few because there are so many)…

  • Water
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Mood
  • Stress levels
  • Non smoking
  • Taking care of your pets
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss (or gain, it’s up to you)
  • Chores (Sweeping, mopping, washing clothes)

Since there are so many different possible habits to track – we will feature a few that we really liked even though there are thousands of gorgeous ones out there!

Trackers are usually boxes or lines drawn in bullet journals or other notebooks and do not exactly have a fixed shape as everyone sees their trackers differently, so here we list for you various ideas!

Habit Trackers

We really appreciate the thoughtfulness of this tracker by @instaliddy where she groups the trackers according to time – so weekly fortnightly and monthly checks which actually is good because not every tracker needs to be every single day. It can also help you to cope with your trackers if you are the type of person that gets demotivated very quickly or gets lazy to circle/colour in boxes everyday. It becomes like a monthly/weekly check in with yourself!

@jashiicorrin doesn’t just use colour coding really well but she actually writes out what the benefits of her habits like ‘drinking water’ is, which is pretty motivating in case you start failing or giving up halfway through the month!

@jordanhowardjournals spells out clearly which are the habits she wants to track and uses crosses to mark which days she did them. Hope you get some ideas for your personal trackers!

Watercolour splashes x mild galaxies x computer windows? @cypscribbles has everything combined in a lovely shade of pink/mauve!

Mood Trackers

If you worry that your phone is taking over your life, @mishbujo has forced you to, wait for it, literally put your phone down (on paper).

It’s insane, the way @onpxper has pulled this nature themed tracker together.

@rem.bujo uses globes and shades of blue to create this mood tracker!

Like the sea? @supernovabulletjournal did an ocean theme spread which included this coral mood tracker – seriously brilliant!!?

Chores/Cleaning Trackers

It is a wonderful idea and such great mindfulness to ask yourself these questions to clean up your place – things like ‘have you used them last year?’ It’s like kon-mari but very specific!

@bonjournal_ shows us how to specifically target every section that needs cleaning so you don’t miss out anything!

@abulletandsomelines combines daily/weekly/monthly trackers with the focus areas needed. And can we pause and appreciate how amazingly neat this is! *gawks*

Nutrition/Weight Loss Trackers

This chart – has dailies, grocery list, and everything really, all in one. It’s quite incredible and takes some time to process, or, digest. Wow @boho.berry!!

Some of us have allergies and other health related issues. TO help improve the quality of our lives and predict what we are allergic to, these types of trackers though tedious, help us track what we ate and what bodily reaction there was. @whimsicalkitebulletjournal does one example!

You can definitely make your trackers look aesthetic and delicious enough to eat! Check it out at @edding_de.

Exercise Trackers

It’s time to get your body back in shape!

Does anyone need a burpees tracker? @craftyenginerd has got you covered!

We wish that just by looking at the put-together-ness of this tracker we would become fit too :’) @simplebujos teaches us the way to go both in the breakdown of the different target areas but also the nutrients that we put into our body!

We’ll end with an inspiring one! How about planning for a 25k! Never hurts to set big goals and plan to reach them!

Till next time, see you guys!


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