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Chai Sunrise Journal: Begin Your Day With A Boost Of Positivity


A positive mindset is the foundation of a happy life. To have this, we should make a habit of starting our day with some positivity. The tone set at the beginning of our daily life influences how successful the rest will follow. One way to ensure our effectiveness and clear our thoughts to make way for a favorable mindset is through Journaling.

What is a journal? It is a written record where you can write down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It's a place to reflect on the day's events and anticipate what tomorrow holds for you. Writing in a Journal is a proven practice to improve our way of life. It helps us start our day on a positive note and is beneficial in setting goals and priorities that we would like to accomplish. Maintaining this as a daily habit will amplify our creative juices and boost our mood leading us to a happier and more successful version of ourselves.

Studies have proven that journaling has numerous benefits to kick-start your day. This includes improved mental clarity, declined stress level, and elevated focus to prioritize tasks according to their level of importance. It is a proven coping mechanism to enhance your overall well-being. Moreover, journaling can help you better understand your thoughts and feelings and help you boost your self-esteem. By writing down your thoughts and sentiments on paper, you can start your mornings with a positive mentality and set the tone for a productive day.

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Chai Sunrise Journals

If you're looking forward to a daily routine that will help you plan your day, you might want to consider Chai Sunrise Journal, as it is one of the most effective tools to increase productivity and formulate goals to guide you throughout your day. These journals are designed to help you take time for yourself featuring positive prompts and guides for self-care, mindfulness, and self-discovery. The brand's packaging is eco-friendly, using FSC-certified paper and recyclable linen. By doing so, the company is helping both people and the planet!

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3 Questions a Day JournalChai Sunrise 3 Questions A Day Journal is a refreshing way to start your morning. It consists of 3 questions per page to help you organize your thoughts and put them into words. Every sheet in this journal has a dedicated space to track your daily activities, goals, and moods so that you can record what's going on in your life and make adjustments as needed. Motivational quotes are found at the end of each page to give you a boost of positivity.

Gentle Tips on How to Use This JournalChai Sunrise 3 Questions a Day contains 4 tips to help you get the most out of this journal 

Questions per page
Each day, a question will guide you in writing your journal entries and help you become more aware of your mental state.

Quotes from 3 Questions A Day Journal
At the bottom of each page, you'll find inspirational quotes to keep you motivated throughout your day.

  • 190 pages, 6 months of 3 daily questions
  • Gentle encouragements increase positivity
  • Paper storage pocket for odds and ends
  • Linen binding
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • FSC-certified cream paper
  • Two calming colour combinations
  • Travel-friendly size (W13.5cm x H21cm x D2cm)
  • Highly giftable
  • Available in 3 calming colours: Green, Pink, and Brown

Cityluxe Review:

  • Simple and aesthetic journal
  • This journal is the perfect place to track your self-care routine, as it includes questions that will help you check in and evaluate your progress.
  • This is a great gift to give to your loved ones



    Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner

    Are you planning your week and want to keep track of your weekly progress? Search no more because Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner has what you need! It's a planner specifically designed to help you prepare for the week in advance so that you can be sure to be productive.

    Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner is a combination of a journal and a planner.  It has a weekly template design to guide you with your journal entries. In addition, it includes a grid layout with lines for writing down your daily activities, goals, to-dos, and notes in the column. It is beneficial to stay organized and productive throughout the week by recording all your duties in one place so that there are no missed deadlines or forgotten tasks.

    6 Gentle Ways on Hot To Use Chai Sunrise Weekly PlannerChai Sunrise weekly planner offers six gentle ways to use it, including Highlight 3 top priorities for the week, setting aside time every morning to write out a to-do list, documenting your process using the habit tracker, reflecting a little deeper at regular intervals, allow yourself time for gratitude, and having fun while using this journal

    Sample inside look of journal to help you plan out your weekHere's a look at a sample journal to help you plan out your week. It includes notes each day of the week, a habit tracker, top three priorities, weekly tasks, things you are grateful, three wonderful you've experienced, and a checklist of how did you look after yourself this week.

    Monthly ReflectionThe Chai Sunrise planner offers monthly reflection templates that help you take a moment to pause and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

    Monthly Reflection Template

    Sample look at the monthly reflection template to help you reflect on what you've learned during the month. It includes three words to describe each month, rating month's satisfaction in each segment, three lessons you've learned, achievements and challenges, your plan for the upcoming month, and a freedom corner (Space to write your thoughts and explore your creativity)

    Extra Dot Grid Pages
    Extra dot grid pages ideal for doodling, notes, and other creative pursuits


    • 190 pages, 26 weekly templates, 6 monthly reflection templates
    • Planner/journal hybrid
    • Paper storage pocket for odds and ends
    • Dot grid pages made for doodling
    • Linen binding
    • Ribbon bookmarks and elastic closer band
    • FSC-certified cream paper
    • Five calming colours
    • Travel-friendly size (W13.5cm x H21cm x D2cm)
    • Highly giftable
    • Available in 5 Calming Colors: Rainforest Tree, Summer Sky, Autumn Leaf, Sandstone, Sakura

    Cityluxe Review:

    • Best for those who like to plan things out in advance, but still want some freedom to express their thoughts.
    • Great layout and space for comfortable writing
    • Light and smooth texture

      Final Thoughts:

      To sum it up, Chai Sunrise 3 Questions a Day Journal and Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner are both designed to help you set goals and achieve them, bring out your best self on paper, and make sure that your morning starts off right with positive energy flowing through your veins. These are helpful tools to reboot your life and give it a new direction. Whether you are a business professional or just someone who likes to keep track of your daily and weekly progress, these beautiful journals will surely boost your productivity and raise your spirits to lead a happier and healthier life. Let us know in the comments section how journals and planners have helped you boost positivity in your life!



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