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4 Customized Christmas Gift Packs for 4 Types of Friends

For the Friend Who Loves to Reminiscence

We all have that friend, the one who journals, posts aesthetic pictures of her travels on instagram, takes polaroid photos and hangs up minimalist framed prints in her room. 

This kind of personality is also known as the Adventurer type, or ISFP type. Adventurers have a deep sense of appreciation for beautiful things and places. They tend to like to reflect more and for those who like the power of words, introduce them to the ‘Some Lines A Day’ Journal. 

‘Some Lines A Day’ Journal

This journal is a five-year notebook, with a little space for each of the 365 days in a year. It is meant as a memory journal and for those who have heard of it, you can do memory planning in it. Some Lines A Day allows you to summarize some of the best things that happened over the course of the year. It is lovely to look back on it many years down the road!

Additional items to buy together to include in the giftpack

For the Friend Who’s Into Ambience

What can be better than candles? 

ESFJ Personality types or Consuls love the spirit of festivity, family get togethers and celebrations! Why not make your entire home smell like happiness while everyone is over! ENFJs or Protagonists take care of others more than they take of themselves so it is time to make sure your friends take care of themselves. 

For these two personality types, consider filling their Christmas stocking with nice scented everything. Diffusers, candles and car vent air fresheners, the list is limitless. 

For relaxation, chill out and let your hair down with these scents 

Fresh Smelling Vibes

Fresh smelling, citrus-y and the smell of happy bright morning sunshine! Nothing makes you feel alive like lemon scents! 



Abode Aroma Crystal Diffuser Citrus White Linen

Scented Space Fragrance Diffuser Fresh Linen

Earthy Smelling Feels

Candles can be placed around the home to give off a woody and earthy homey vibe.


WoodWick Medium Jar Candle Willow

WoodWick Large Jar Candle Lemongrass & Lily and WoodWick Large Jar Candle Evergreen (center of picture)

Don’t forget, your home is not the only thing that should smell good, so should your office and your car and every other place! A diffuser for an office space always makes the atmosphere that bit brighter and happier! It also helps to create a motivating and productive environment for better working! You can always choose to get candles in small jars, or diffusers for a larger room or cubicle space.

For the Friend Who Loves Everything Chic and Elegant

What exudes chic more than the currently in-trend colour, rose-gold?

The rose gold Kaweco AL Sport Pen is a work of art, it’s elegant and very presentable to use in meetings, for notetaking in the classroom, and even for day to day work. If you think about it, it even pairs with many jewellery items worn!

If rose gold is not your thing, there’s always the gold option too. The gold AL Sport is a Special Edition Pen and it’ll run out quickly!

Pair the rose gold Kaweco AL Sport Pen with the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield Rose Gold Watch. Give this to the friend who wears the best accessories and is always dressed to the nines. There is beauty in simplicity and this watch is proof of that.

For the Friend who is an Artist

Christmas is coming and one of the things that you can buy or make is a hamper for your friend who’s into all things pens, paints and watercolours.

Buy them everything in this picture, in short.

Artist, bullet journal teacher and doodler @stephtcreates shows off her watercolour set and Micron Pens in these pictures below. These watercolour sets by Sakura Koi come in various sizes – which means you can have one at home and one as a portable version to bring around!

Spread some festive and holiday cheer this season with this medley of colours. Spark their inspiration for the upcoming year and who knows, you’d get some really pretty cards in return too! 😉

Happy holidays!


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