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Bullet Journal Day 2021 Special | Journaler Feature: Merdrey

Do you remember the days when we would print out photos and slot them carefully into huge albums after a holiday? While most of us have taken to viewing photos via digital albums on Facebook or a hard drive, some have also taken up travel journaling as a means to document their holidays. 

Travel journaling is a fun and creative way of detailing your holiday journey with photos, stickers, washi tape and 

You might know Merdrey from her colourful Instagram page (@merdrey) filled with juicy lettering. This time, get to know the journaler in her! 

If you’re in need of some spread inspiration, be sure to take a look at some of the pages of her beautiful journal layouts in this feature.

“I love the whole creative process, from the preparation before the trip, the trip and journaling during (and collection of ephemera and stuff) and the printing of photos when I get home.”

Merdrey feels like it completes the travel experience for her and it’s what she enjoys the most about journaling. 

All of us journal to remember the little (and big) things in our life and Merdrey is no exception. 

“I think travel journaling or daily, random journaling makes me appreciate the little things in life, the blessings of normalcy and (to) be thankful!”

You can count the Traveler’s Notebook and its many accessories along with fancy papers, washi tapes, alphabet and random stickers and a good old black archival pen as some of Merdrey’s favourite materials for journaling. 

It’s obvious that Merdrey is an absolute Traveler’s Notebook fan. She recommends a thin plain notebook from either Traveler’s Notebook or Midori to start. “Go shopping for pretty stickers and one good pen and just write!”

It takes time before you discover a style that suits you so don’t pressure yourself to find one immediately. If you want some tips and tricks to putting together a spread though, here’s what Merdrey’s typical process  is like:

“First and foremost I decide will print and glue down the photos as well as any ephemera (cause these are the most important!).

Next goes the title. I love using big alpha stickers so it catches your attention. But mostly it tells you what that page is about.

I then add in other cut-outs, stickers, small phase stickers and also include the date. The date is very important! It’s fun to mix and match different alpha stickers to create interest.

I love to ‘frame’ a page up so I will usually add some cut out flowers or doilies to the edges. I fill up the empty spaces with journaling! Don’t worry about how the handwriting looks like. One tip is to just write small and straight.

And there you have a travel journaling page done!”

For a feel of how it’s done, check out her speed process below.

“I think looking back at my travel journals bring me a lot of joy. I’m able to re-experience my journeys and I’m guessing that’s good for my soul!”


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