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Bullet Journal Day 2021 Special | Journaler Feature: Stephanie

Stephanie (@stephtcreates) is no stranger to the journaling community in Singapore. If you’ve been to our workroom, you might have even seen her teaching her popular ‘Getting Started with Bullet Journaling Leuchturm1917 Workshop’.

“I enjoy journaling because it brings my mind back to something physical and present at the moment. It’s personal where I do not fear judgement of my thoughts and creativity and by the end of journaling for the day, it clears up my brain space for the new day.”

Stephanie favours daily journaling in the form of a ‘brain detox’.

Bullet Journaling works best for me when I “detox” through self-expression with doodles, lettering and written thoughts; and accountability through my trackers. Apart from that, I also do on-the-go journaling when traveling overseas and locally when visiting attractions, cafes and people!”

This is why you’ll always see Stephanie armed with her Leuchtturm1917 notebook, a set of Sakura Koi Water Colors and some of her favourite writing tools like her Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen, Sakura Pigma Microns and Gelly Roll pens

“Physically, journaling helps me to exercise my creativity when journaling in a functional and expressive way. Mentally, it’s a safe space for me to get negativity out of my headspace.”

However, writing doesn’t just aid in reducing stress and anxiety. It also improves your cognitive skills as well. 

“I become more observant in the present moment. Since I like to sketch in my journal, I will observe the environment and objects with the energy projected or message that they are conveying.”

“Everyone is an artist and everyone has a story. We can write about it, draw it or create an artwork through stickers, paper materials, stamping and taping. Start with a notebook and a pencil, pen down anything that comes into your mind, even if it is just lines and circles. You will slowly find ways to use a journal mindfully. Have fun!”

Are you feeling inspired to begin your very own journey to mindfulness? Join Stephanie for a day of all things journaling and register for one of her workshops here!


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