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Christmas Gifts Guide (2022)

Suddenly, 2022 is coming to an end again. What a ride 2022 was for everyone, from the world, opening up its borders again after COVID-19 to the World Cup. 

With traveling becoming more frequent once again, it is time to bring back gifts and souvenirs from all over the globe. Especially this Christmas season, why not get a souvenir and a Christmas gift at the same time?

Online gifting has become the norm during the past 2 years so let us bring you our very own list of presents and gifts! As much as we love the festive spirit and window shopping, listening to Mariah Carey sing at every mall possible as we shop for suitable gifts for our loved ones, might be too much for us indoor people who loved to shop from the comfort of our houses. 

Your presents need to be wrapped and we’re here to help! Wrapping services are now available as an add-on in your shopping cart along with a card you can personalise for your loved ones. If you want any engraving done on your pens, we can do it too! 

Check out this list of the best gifts for your loved ones and in the meantime, we’ll wake up the reindeer.

  1. Gift set
  2. Fountain Pen
  3. Rollerball Pen
  4. Ballpoint Pen
  5. Fountain Pen Inks



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