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Decluttering with Bullet Journaling

This is the third blogpost in the Productivity, Mindfulness and Intentionality series!

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It’s time to tidy up! Does it spark joy? If it doesn’t, let that thing go!

In this blogpost, we will run through how we go about making decluttering spreads. It is almost 2020 and perhaps it is nice to end off the year with some much needed decluttering from all the hoarding this year. Marie Kondo’s popular book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up that took the world by storm encourages tidying, cleaning up and only choosing to keep things that spark joy! It all seems like a great plan until you realise what a mammoth task lies ahead, so therefore we have brought in the bullet journal to assist us!

The Kon-Mari method is designed to tidy your space so that you can live a more meaningful, intentional and joyful life – as the phrase ‘Spark Joy’ tells you! Kondo therefore encourages clearing and purging your area of all the belongings and items that we do not use instead of merely hoarding it and waiting for it to become ‘useful’ one day!

Without further ado, here are some spreads to help you!

Throwing Stuff Away!

Remember how we all watched Marie Kondo’s Decluttering videos and got really inspired for about one hour and then after that looked at the piles of stuff and decided to wait till tomorrow? Tomorrow never came. Let’s start with making a spread to kickstart that cleaning!

Kondo creates about 5 categories to look into when decluttering:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mementos

So with that, we bring in the bullet journal with its hugely useful tracker spreads that can help us. Here are some very useful templates that people have created

It feels right to begin with 30 days of decluttering!

The three questions give you criteria as to whether you wish to keep or throw the items!

Here are more spreads to help you in this decision process! You might need to break down the categories into smaller sections so you don’t feel so overwhelmed!

After throwing away all the unwanted items and clearing the clutter, it is time to organize and sort out everything that is left!

Home Organization by Area

Source: Wardrobe Organization Ideas Try a capsule wardrobe. It helps you to just keep a specific amount of each item which reduces the number of things in your wardrobe and ensures that you only wear what you want to wear and don’t hoard items.

Where should everything else go? This spread is super useful if you’re planning on selling your extras or giving them away to charity!

Book Storage

This is a reading tracker! But it is also useful to organize your books by either genre or author or however way you’d like to. And use a reading tracker is a great solution!

Don’t forget to keep your area neat and tidy, so it will always spark joy! 🙂


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