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Inktober Round up Part 2

Here is Part 1

We rounded up inktober inspirations, one per day! Hopefully this will help you gain some inspiration for your art journals, bullet journals or TN spreads!

Day 16: Wild

Day 17: Ornament
To be able to make such fine strokes, it is good to try using a Fine or Extra Fine fountain pen!

Day 18: Misfit
The black background works pretty well as a contrast!

Day 19: Sling
If you don’t know what this is, it is a Singapore sling 😉

Day 20: Tread
This is a perfect inspiration for travel journaling!

Day 21: Treasure

Day 22: Ghost
A really complicated and fine drawing!

Day 23: Ancient
Find the watercolours you need to complete this picture here!

Day 24: Dizzy
This is so gorgeous!!!! Use a white gelly roll pen to do this!

Day 25: Tasty
Carry around a blank book when you go on cafe and food hunts! You can doodle whatever desserts you have so you can (almost) literally have the cake and eat it

Day 26: Dark

Day 27: Coat

Day 28: Ride

Day 29: Injured

Day 30: Catch. We think the TWSBI 1791 Inks are a catch!

Day 31: Ripe


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