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Journaling with MU Craft New Releases – 4 different theme ideas

MU Craft has recently released about 6 new sticker sets from their Print On Stickers and we’ve come up with four themes for you to try out! If you have no idea how to use them yet, watch this video and read this blogpost first!

Here are the new releases!

Get it here: 090
Get it here 091
Get it here 092
Get it here 093
Get it here 094
Get it here 095

If you’ve ever wondered what themes to use for your spreads in your bullet journal, or perhaps you feel like your TN travel spreads were almost full and you’re looking for last bit touch up embellishments to complete the TN page, look no further. Print-On Stickers can be also used on gift cards too!

Summer Getaway

You can bring these on your holiday getaways, feels like Morocco! But wherever you go, these make for lovely travel stickers and will definitely also pair well with the ticket stubs and plane tickets that you stick in your Traveler’s Notebook collages.

Here’s a daily spread idea: when you’re out chilling on the balcony of your favourite hotel, you could journal with this kit. It’s got the hot summery monstera plant vibes!

Well, if you wanna go but can’t till you’ve finished this work project, you can always dream of a getaway before it happens. Use these to plan for your next holiday. Also it makes for a very beautiful monthly spread cover page.

Remember to create a memories page or a wishlist 🙂
Look at that detail of the tiling!

Other ways to use these sticker sheets:

  • Put them on postcards to send home from your holiday destinations
  • Make a bucket list 

Moonlight Magic

This kit is somewhat special because it brings two realms together – galaxies and oceans. The general vibe of this theme is whimsical and complements any spread you use it on.

Here’s a closer shot of the first sticker sheet!

The best part of MU Craft Print-On Stickers is that you can layer them. Here, we put the moon sticker on the word first, then layer the plants on top. Doing so for each of the days of the week makes little headers for each day!

Fall-ing For You

The third theme is a seasonal theme – fall! We’ve got you covered – squirrels, maple leaves, mushrooms, windy feels and more! If you guys do monthly pages, the squirrel is perfect to line your pages, plus the mushroom at the bottom lets you create like a little forest garden floor! We created an illusion of ‘falling’ leaves too!

October Coverpage

Here’s a closeup of the bottom part of the page. There’s also berries stickers and other embellishments. Now that we think about it, seems a little like a fairytale too, except set in fall season!

The other page of the sticker sheet has got a huge forest centerpiece! We also love the top leaf wreath 🙂

Wedding Celebrations

To end off, here’s the last theme set we did! It’s the wedding vibes!

There’s a lot of wedding planning so here’s something that can reduce stress and of course complement the whole celebratory mood. Why not throw flowers not just on the aisle but all over your bullet journal too!

We tried making corner decorations like you’d make those corsages or corner decorations in chapels!

Don’t forget the leaves too, they’re a very important part of the wedding decor too! Especially if you’re going for a bit less flowery and more nature/botanical feel.

Lastly here’s a closeup shot of the flowers, there’s a variety of them, carnations and tulips, etc!

Other ways to use these sticker sheets:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Bridesmaids thank you cards 
  • Table place cards for sitting!


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