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Monteverde’s One Touch Stylus 9 Function Inkball Tool Pen

What is it: Not your conventional rollerball pen, as it uses the international ink cartridges that fountain pens use.

Many new users struggle to understand how to install the ink cartridge and set up the pen. This post breaks down the 9 different parts of the pen too.

How To Use: How to Install the Cartridge?

  1. PULL the tip section out of the pen (by pulling the black writing tip out. Make sure the pen cap is ON THE PEN 

  2. The ink cartridge would be inside the pen (it comes with the pen when you newly buy it) 

  3. Turn the cartridge right side up and insert it into the tip section of the barrel

  4. Close the pen – put the writing tip back into the barrel 

9 different functions of the pen:

  1. Three different metric scale rulers—1:100, 1:200, and 1:300

  2. Stylus on the top that can be unscrewed 
  3. Philip screwdriver 
  4. Regular flathead screwdriver 
  5. Built in level – used to calibrate 

  6. Pen clip
  7. Inkball Pen


The Pen is enamel brass and is about 37g in weight.


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