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Teachers’ Day Gift Guide (2021)

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart."

Teachers’ Day is coming up very soon! Have you prepared a token of appreciation for your hardworking teachers? If you’re still on the look out for gift ideas, we’ve definitely got you covered with out gift-worthy ideas. You can also check out our gift wrapping services (that also includes a card) if you need!


1. D’WON GREETING CARD | $3.90 – $7.90

There’s no better way to tell someone how much you appreciate them than with a card. A handmade card can go a long way!

If you haven’t got the artistic creativity for one, get one of our greeting cards! These pop-up cards are beautifully crafted to impress with most including nice florals inside.

Each card comes with a spot for you to write a message and an envelope to complete the package.

2. MIDORI STICKY NOTE | $5.90 – $7.90

Midori is a Japanese brand that produces high quality and adorable stationery. One of their lineup includes the Sticky Notes series that’s great for reminders. The Pickable collection also acts as tracing paper with its slightly transparent material.

If you’re planning a small gift bag with various little gifts, you can consider Midori’s Sticky Notes! We can promise you you’ll never see a prettier set of sticky notes than these. 

3. MIDORI MESH POUCH | $6.90 – $  27.50

Teachers carry just about any kind of stationery you can imagine:  Pens of different inks, whiteboard markers, rulers and even calculators or tools for certain subjects. A good pencil case that lasts is hence super important! 

The Midori Mesh Pouch is nicely sized so that you can store small notebooks, your phone and just about any accessory you need to carry around easily. The pouch is also made from high quality mesh tarpaulin fabric that is lightweight too. 


This multicolour pen from Luxo will be a welcome addition to your teacher’s stationery stash. The pen includes 4 different colours: Black, Blue, Red and Green. Perfect for writing and most importantly, marking those test papers!

These high quality metallic pens come in different colours too so you can gift each teacher their favourite colour! All pens also come with a nice gift box.


If you want something a bit more feminine, the Dailylike pen cases are a great alternative from the Midori Mesh Pouches. 

The pen cases are made from 100% cotton and will store writing instruments safely and securely with its zippered closure.

Other designs are also available so do check them out! 


The paintable stamps from Midori are highly raved and for a reason! These long lasting stamps can be pressed about 1000 times and are oil-based. This means the ink will not bleed when used with any water based pen or marker. 

The stamps come in many adorable designs that will come in handy for different occasions. They can even be stacked easily for convenient storage. While the price for each stamp is certainly higher than your usual stamps, the quality you get will certainly be different.


A calendar that never expires! This unique calendar is modelled after European perpetual calendars of the 1930s and is made out of natural heavy-weight materials.

This calendar will allow your teacher to keep track of upcoming dates and of course, school holidays! This classic calendar will sit prettily in any desk and is bound to be a delight for your teacher to have. Say goodbye to tacky company-made calendars forever!


You’ve probably heard of MT Tapes if you are as much of a stationery nerd as us. These rice paper tapes are amazing and a must-have even for non-crafters. 

The tapes are sticky enough to hold paper together, act as a substitute for Blu Tack but will not tear or leave any residue behind. Plus! It comes in so many colours!

This set of 20 colours will brighten any desk and will come in super handy for any occasion. 


Go green with your gift this year. This reusable stylish tote bag from Cavallini is functional for both work or a casual day out and is made from 100% natural cotton canvas.

The bag is able to hold laptops, books and more comfortably and is also able to be folded easily.

If you’ve caught your teacher struggling to carry the many books and tools he or she needs for class then this is the perfect gift this Teacher’s Day! 


The Helen Kelly Diamond Pen is a luxurious addition to any stationery stash. It makes for an impressive gift too! 

This pen will shine like a diamond on any desk and comes in gold, silver or rose gold. Each pen is also packaged in a box for easy gift-giving. 

Is there a teacher you think is as precious as a diamond to you? Allow the gift to speak for itself when you say thank you with the Helen Kelly Diamond Pen!


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