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Top 10 Beginner Fountain Pens (2021)

Fountain pens are the quintessential pen. They’re long lasting, environmentally friendly, comfortable to write with, come with a variety of ink colours to play with and are versatile in use.

Ironically, as the world becomes more adapt to a digital lifestyle, more people have come to taking up analog writing as a way to get away from social media. You could say that fountain pens are the poster girl of writing as the use of these pens date back to the 1884. Even with the popularity of ballpoint pens, you’ll find that fountain pens are still the choice pen for journaling. 

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Being able to zen out from the world and immerse yourself in your writings, turning these little journal entries into lifelong memories are just some of the joys of writing. If you’re just beginning to explore the wonders of journaling, you’ll want to consider these 10 fountain pens that are perfect for beginners. 

1. PILOT KAKUNO | $16.05

A favourite amongst many beginner fountain pen users for its simplicity and many colour choices from cute pastels to the ever popular clear. 

The Kakuno is a great example of how good fountain pens can come at an affordable price too. The pen writes well and is a great stepping stone into the joys of writing with a fountain pen for not just adults but kids too!

Fun fact! The name Kakuno translates to ‘to write’ in Japanese. Very aptly named!

2. STABILO BEFAB! | $24.50

Another great beginner pen that’s perfect for the ‘fashion conscious’ that comes in multiple pastel shades.

The pen is comfortable to write with thanks to its non-slip grip body. For those who have normal sized handwriting, the medium nib that the beFab! comes with will suit your writing style. 

The nib also doesn’t bloat and scratch to ensure a writing experience that’s smooth. You can also consider the beFab! that comes with a calligraphy nib if you do lettering! 

3. KAWECO PERKEO | $26.90

The Perkeo is one of the best starter kits from Kaweco for any beginner fountain pen user. With a full-sized pen and extra converters, it has everything you need to begin. 

Designed to be ergonomical, the Perkeo aims to allow comfortable writing with a sixteen-edged barrel that gives you a good grip. If you prefer writing with a long pen, the octagonal cap also allows posting. 

The Perkeo sets itself apart from Pilot and Faber-Castell pens with its more vivid two-tone colours. 

4. TWSBI GO | $27.50

This popular Taiwanese brand is a hit with beginners and seasoned fountain pen users everywhere for its smooth writing and unique colours. 

The GO is TWSBI’s take on a wallet-friendly version of their popular fountain pens. The pen features the signature piston filling mechanism that makes it easy to draw ink without the need for a converter or catridge.  

If you’re a fan of rose gold, you can also take a look at the pricier Eco collection that features more colours and is also beginner friendly!


For those who prefer smaller pens, you’ll like the Kaweco Classic Sport series, another excellent beginner fountain pen.

The pen writes smoothly, is light and is able to fit snuggly in your pocket, making it perfect for those who enjoy writing on-the-go. 

Besides the Classic Sport, you might also want to check out the Frosted and Skyline Sport series which although pricier, come in even more colours like Ocean Blue, a Singapore and Malaysia exclusive that’s not found anywhere else!


The Grip is one of the more pocket friendly options in Faber-Castell’s extensive fine writing lineup and a winner of the coveted German Design Award 2020. 

This beginner fountain pen prides itself on ergonomics meets style with a classic design and characteristic dots that not only match the shaft in colour but gives you a better hold of the pen. 

The Gold and All Black editions of The Grip each sport a black nib, a rare (and normally expensive) feature in a fountain pen. 

7. PILOT EXPLORER | $37.45

A stark contrast to the pastel themed Kakuno, the Pilot Explorer comes with a lineup of mature looking fountain pens in metallic colours.

Inspired by sailors, poets, researchers and all who love to travel, explore, expand imaginations and document those anecdotes with a pen and paper, the Pilot Explorer was born. 

Begin your very own adventure and capture all those memories with the Pilot Explorer as your very first beginner fountain pen!


Crafted with the users in mind, the Monza  3 fountain pen is both stylish and functional: It’s adorned with chrome accents inside and out and has a clear body that will ‘catch light’ and allow your ink to shine. 

You can expect comfort while you write with its durable stainless steel nib. The pen comes in 5 colours including a clear demonstrator, blue, red, purple and teal. 

Pair this fountain pen with the beautiful Monteverde inks available!

9. LAMY SAFARI | $49

Lamy has been a long time fan favourite of both novice and expert fountain pen users for its quality and reasonable pricing, with the popular Lamy 2000 becoming the face of the German brand. 

In Lamy’s vast range of pens is the Lamy Safari, an entry level fountain pen that comes in an assortment of colours including pastels, solid colours to even neon. 

The pen writes well and is light. For those who prefer a heavier pen, you can also keep the pen posted as the cap carries some weight. 


A ‘founding father’ of fountain pens as one of the first few brands to emerge after fountain pens were invented, the Parker name has stood the test of time and remains a highly sought-after pen. 

The stainless steel nib and smooth chrome body contributes to the great writing experience you get with this beginner fountain pen. 

With a long history and formula to give you the best writing experience, you can’t go wrong with the Parker Jotter.


First impressions are everything and if you’re just beginning to write with fountain pens, you definitely want something that leaves you feeling good. These fountain pens we’ve featured prove that you don’t have to break the bank to get quality fountain pens that give you the best writing experience. 

If you’re already a fountain pen user, what was your first pen? If you’re thinking about picking up writing with a fountain pen, tell us which you’ll be starting with! 


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