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TWSBI Swipe Review


You could say that the TWSBI Swipe is an ultimate starter kit for beginners. Besides the pen, it comes with a spring load converter, an ink cartridge and an extra spring. For those who live in America, the Swipe will come with an added piston converter so do take note of that!

The ink cartridges, spring load converter and piston converters are new additions to the TWSBI collection and will be highly useful for those who prefer other refilling methods besides TWSBI’s signature piston filler mechanism.

The spring load converter will be familiar to those who have used the TWSBI Go before as the mechanism is similar. This easy to use and super quick way of refilling is a fan favourite and now comes in a removable version for the TWSBI Swipe.

This is TWSBI’s first step into the ink cartridge world and you’ll notice that their ink cartridges are quite large in size. Each ink cartridge holds 1.4ml of ink and can only be used with the Swipe for now. It will also not fit into other fountain pens as it is almost twice the size of a standard size cartridge.

The extra spring isn’t necessary for normal use as stated in the instructions but can be used to make your ink cartridge use more optimal by using it to secure the cartridge in place.

The TWSBI ink cartridge comes in a hard plastic and in only 3 colours for now: Red, Black and Blue.

The TWSBI piston converter is almost twice as large as a Kaweco converter and will only fit the Swipe for now.

For its price point, TWSBI was certainly generous with the Swipe! If you’re bummed about not having the Piston Converter, you may still purchase it separately!


The TWSBI Swipe comes with a colourful sleeve that is unique in comparison to the usual craft box most other TWSBI pens come in. Within the box, you’ll find a simple instruction sheet in both English and Mandarin, along with a wrapped ink cartridge and the spring load converter already fitted into the fountain pen.

As looks go, the Swipe is a sleek standout from other TWSBI pens. The design is a huge contrast from the usual transparent body that you would expect from the Eco and Diamond collections for example. The pen opens with a simple push and pull, closing with a click sound and as usual, you’ll find the TWSBI logo on the cap. Unlike the TWSBI Go however, the Swipe comes with a clip- a rather stiff one at that.

If you have smaller handwriting, go for extra fine. Fine and medium will suit normal handwriting and broad and stub 1.1m nibs are great for statements and italics respectively and, to show off inks with shimmer.

TWSBI pens have a consistent nib quality no matter the series and so the swipe also features a silver stainless steel nib that comes in extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub 1.1m. Most beginner pens do not come in the larger nib sizes like broad and stub 1.1m so this will definitely appeal to users who want love shimmery inks like Vinta Inks or Dominant Industry Inks.

On closer inspection, you’ll notice that there is a small ball within the spring load converter. This ball helps the ink flow and is almost unnoticeable!

As expected, the Swipe writes well and was a joy to use. It’s a good in-between of the Go and Eco series and is a great pen that allows you to try out most ink refilling systems used by fountain pens. Like other TWSBI pens, the Swipe is easy to use and fuss-free. It’s priced reasonably as well! Those unfamiliar with fountain pens will find it very easy to use this beginner friendly pen and seasoned users will appreciate the convenient and quick refilling it offers.

Most fans have taken to calling the Swipe the ‘Go Version 2’ or, an upgrade from the Go. What are your thoughts on TWSBI’s latest offering? Let us know in the comments! Also, do watch our full review for a more detailed review and write test!


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