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Unboxing Faber-Castell’s Hexo Pen

The festive season is only a few weeks from now as we’re writing this so the Hexo Pen couldn’t have come at a better time. Faber-Castell’s newest addition to its fine writing collection is reminiscent of its world famous graphite pencil when it comes to the shape. Do you recognise that familiar hexagonal body?  


Gift-Worthy: This box set makes for a great starter kit for a beginner as it contains all the essentials

The Hexo pen was designed in mind to bring new perspective into creative writing, sketching and drafting. In this review, we’ll be comparing Faber-Castell’s newest family member with its other fine writing cousins.

The Hexo pen comes in 3 beautiful colours: black, silver and rose and each is made from anodised aluminium right down to the cap. The pen doesn’t open with the commonly seen screw-on mechanism but instead a simple push and pull. 

The insides of the Hexo pen are just as impressive with the nib made from high-quality stainless steel and the pen being able to function with either a cartridge or converter. 

Stylish & Functional: The Hexo pen comes in standard black and silver as well as a beautiful rose gold for lovers of the latter (Left to Right)

A fountain pen is only good for use if it writes well. A good looking fountain pen is a plus but one that actually gives you an enjoyable writing experience is where the true jackpot lies. To see if the Hexo pen truly lives up to its expectation of being a great fountain pen, we decided to put it to the test. 


Before we start testing the pen’s writing quality, let’s take a look at its ergonomics. The pen is easy to grip due to its hexagonal body and feels light even with the cap on; making it perfect for everyday use. 

Just Right: The pen sits comfortably in your hand and doesn’t feel too short even when uncapped

When compared to The Grip, a Faber-Castell bestseller, we found that the Hexo pen was slightly shorter and heavier.

These little details in its body are barely noticeable and if you’re not too bothered by these slight differences, you’ll find the Hexo Pen just as enjoyable as The Grip fountain pen.

For fans of TWSBI, you might also want to give this fountain pen a chance. While it doesn’t have the former’s signature piston-filler mechanism, it does allow you to still draw ink via ink bottles with the converter it comes with. The Hexo is also similar in girth to the TWSBI ECO fountain pen though the TWSBI is just slightly longer. 


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