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What are memo pads used for?

Despite the rise of notes in your phone – Evernote, Google Notes, OneNote and whatever other note taking devices you use, you cannot deny that everyone uses sticky notes or memo pads in one way or another. 

It’s also for everybody. You can think of a million ways to use a post-it! The best part about its versatility is that there are also many designs out there for every purpose you can ever think of. But if you wonder what are memo pads used for? Look no further, here’s some ideas for you!

Here’s some of the ways we think you can use them! 

  • Little Messages to Loved Ones

    Need to leave for work before your kids wake up? Or see a friend who feels really down and need a little perk me up? Don’t just drop them a kitkat bar, leave a little post-it note so when they’re done with the kitkat bar they get to keep the little note!
Source: here
Source here

Already feel like getting some memo pads to try out these ideas? Check out the new Suatelier sticky notes! They’re nature themed and easy to fit in with any sticker/washi tape combination you can think of.

Get this here: Suatelier Daily Plan 17 Sticky Memo
Get this here: Suatelier Daily Plan 14 Sticky Memo
Aaaand we’re back to the drawing board, here’s a few more ideas!
  • Calendar events. Stick them as events in the calendar (and remove when the event has passed if you wish). Further recommendations on this, colour code it for different members of the family.
Here’s how to do it: read the full article (source)
  • Grocery List

    Every time we go to the supermarket we end up buying more than we really want to, well partly because we’re hungry. The other reason is probably because we actually forget to list down the stuff we need to buy. So, we probably march out of the supermarket with more food (and chips and coke…) except what you really came for – yes, milk and bread! So here’s a solution – WRITE IT DOWN!
  • To do lists – need I say more? Memo pads can be used in journals, planners, bullet journals, notebooks and more
Source: here
  • A NOT TO DO list – for more on ‘not to do lists’, check out this post
  • Goal List – Kick your goals for the week. List the TOP MOST important task in the day and then give yourself the satisfaction of pulling it off the goal board when you are done with it. It kinda is like darts, except you throw the dart like you complete a task :).
  • Tracking your fitness goals at the end of the week (and to make sure you are STILL on top of your hamburger lunches and laksa dinners 🙂

Finally, here’s one really cool way to use it, in A LARGE WAY!

Make Superheroes on Library Walls!

You can also use this for birthday themed parties where you want a wall to take pictures against! 

Before we go, check out the new Suatelier memo pads we’ve got in our store for the OCTOBER LAUNCH!


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