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Yearly Spreads: Ideas for Full Year Spreads

Simple, well put together spread with your message to self at the bottom 🙂

Here’s a spread with very coffeehouse feels, loose brush lettering and monthly colour coding for the year, if 12 months in a go is too much for you, do 6 months instead!

You can always include your key if you are starting a new bullet journal, which many of you are!

This coverpage isn’t just for a new year but a whole new decade! Collages always help to bring out a rustic feel.

You can also go black and white. Simple and minimalist is very aesthetic and pleasant to the eyes. Later on in the year you can run over the numbers with highlighters if you wish to add a pop of colour.

This is so pretty it should be made into a print so we can hang it up on our walls! Here’s a little country vibes for your year ahead!

MORE COVERPAGES TO GO! Coldbujo does a lovely moodboard on the left

And for the rest of us that like galaxy and moon/stars themes, here’s one to look at!

Some white on black paper goodness by

There’s insanely talented @rembujo who makes watercolour headings for every month


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